Album, 2004, DKD

Jonas (CAN) : Jonas


1. Daddy
2. Coming Back Again
3. Like a River
4. Burn the House Down
5. Show Me
6. Fascination
7. Something Beautiful
8. By the Bed
9. Same Ol'G
10. When the Rain Stops
11. Edge of Seventeen

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Live... as we Roll!

Video, 29 November 2005kein bekanntes Label

Jonas (CAN) : Live... as we Roll!


-Driving with Jonas
-Corey's Guitar Shop
-Domenic's Bass Corner
-Ange on Drumming
-Interview with Jonas
-Corey in the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake
-Jonas Goes Gold
-In the Studio with Jonas
-Postcard from the Van Halen Tour
-Burn the House Down (Remix by John Webster)
-Music Video
-And More

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Single, 2006, Deja Musique

Jonas (CAN) : SuperSexMe


1. Sex Me
2. Bady Girl
3. Love Me

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Suite Life

Album, 10 Oktober 2006, Deja Musique

Jonas (CAN) : Suite Life


1. Here She Comes
2. Let It Ride
3. Bows & Arrows
4. Pony
5. Sweet Disaster
6. In Front of You
7. Pass in Time
8. Blacklight
9. SuperSexMe
10. Relax
11. I Did It for You
12. Best You Got ?
13. Dream About

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The Quest

Live, 11 September 2007kein bekanntes Label

Jonas (CAN) : The Quest


1. Daddy (Metropolis Live)
2. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Bell Centre Live)
3. Too Rolling Stoned (Bell Centre Live)
4. Burn the House Down (Bell Centre Live)
5. Edge of Seventeen (Bell Centre Live)
6. In Front of You
7. Untill Death Do Us Part (Exclusive)
8. Boost (Exclusive)
9. Dream About (End Credits)
10. Here She Comes (Official Song of the Movie Trailer)

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Promised Land

Album, 20 November 2007kein bekanntes Label

Jonas (CAN) : Promised Land


1. Daddy
2. Let It Ride
3. Here She Comes
4. Bows & Arrows
5. Burn the Housse Down
6. I Did It for You
7. Show Me
8. Like a River
9. Edge of Seventeen
10. Blicklight
11. Passe in Time (Stipped Down Version)
12. Sweet Disaster
13. Dream About
14. Supersexme (Video Live)

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