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Biografie : Witchery (SWE)

Witchery was born in 1997 as a result of the split of Satanic Slaughter, who had just recorded their debut album at Unisound Studio. Due to musical differences, Ztephan Dark, the only remaining original member, left the band and took the name with him. Remaining members, Jensen (The Haunted, ex Seance) and Richard ,Toxin, and Micque (all in Seance) decided to carry on under a differnt name. Satanic Slaughter`s black metal was taken to an even trachier level with new songs like "Witchburner" which was recorded in april that year. Jensens long time friend Paul Thind at Necropolis records was approached about releasing an album by this new outfit. Witchery also needed a new bass player. Jensen met Sharlee D"Angelo early winter -97 at a party in Gothenburg (where he had moved in Dec. -95 to form The Haunted). Jensen approached Sharlee with an offer to join the band and he accepted, eventhough he said he had a very tight time schedule ahead, with the recording of the Mercyful Fate album "Dead again".

After Jensen completed recording The Haunted debut album on the 22nd of Dec. -97, he went to Linköping to write the remaining 5 songs for Witchery"s upcoming "Restless And Dead" album. When the songs were written, and as well rehearsed at time permitted, Jensen went back to Gothenburg to get Sharlee. Sharlee had, in his turn, just gotten home from the US after completing "Dead again". They both went back to Linköping on the 2nd of Jan. -98 and, after just one night of rehearsal, Witchery entered the Blue Hill studios, Linköping, on Januari 3rd for a week of recording.

Extremely pleased with the way the album turned out the band decided to record their take on a few metal classics, and entered Gothenburgs Los Angered Studio in April 98, with Andy LaRocque handling the production. The "Witchburner"-Ep contained four cover songs from Accept, Judas Preist, Black Sabbath and Wasp to show some of the various places from where the different bandmembers drawn their inspiration. In addition, two new songs "The Howling" and "Executioner" were recorded, topped off with "Witchburner", the first ever Witchery recording from 1997.

Necropolis, being all fired up about "Restless And Dead", decided to postpone the release until the fall of `98 to be able to launch a full on promotion campaign. This gave Witchery time to do more dark deeds, and the plans for a second full-lenght started to form. With inspiration still on a high from the previous recordings Jensen, the Riffmaster General again gathered his army. Ten songs were completed in only nine days the recording in a mere six. The album titled" Dead, Hot And Ready" was recorded in the beginning of July `98 at Blue Hill Studios, Linkoping, Sweden (although later remixed at Oral Majority in Gothenburg by Roberto Laghi) "Restless And Dead" was released in October `98 recieved to huge public and critical acclaim.

The bands first official show was played in Helsinki in January `99 were they also recieved an award for best newcomer, voted for by readers of "soumi Finland Perkele", Finlands premier metal mag. Witchery played a string of scandinavian dates in early `99 but decided to wait until "Witchburner" was out before embarking on a longer tour.

The "Witchburner"-EP saw the light of day in March `99 and was greeted by vaving rewievs and praise from all corners of the world. The band was asked to join the "King of Terror"-tour with Emperor and Borknagar, a tour that went across U.S for three weeks in July. The tour was a huge succes and saw Witchery tearing down the house at many a sold out show.

"Dead hot and Ready" was released in september `99 and was immidiately embraced by fans and media alike, and in october/november Witchery went on their first Japanese tour. Three shows were played to completely roaring crowds and established the band as bright hope with the Nipponese audience.

In January 2000 the band set out conquer Europe for the first time, with Moonspell and Kreator. In seven weeks they played forty plus shows in 15 countries, from Norway to Portugal.

The band then went over to the U.S to play a one off gig at the second annual "March Metal Meltdown" festival in New Jersey, with Testament, Immortal and Sentenced among others.

2000 has seen the members of the band mostly concentrating on their varius other duties, Toxine, Richard and Mique on a new Seance album, Sharlee with Arch Enemy and Jensen with The Haunted, who´s new album just got nominated for a swedish Grammy Award.

Recently Witchery went back into writing mode and will be entering Berno Studios in Malmo on January 29 to record their highly anticipated third album. An album that will not only introduce their new drummer, Martin "Devastator" Axe, but also once again redefine metal as we know it. An early summer release is planned.