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Biografie : Viscera (ITA)

Viscera/// is a northern Italy based combo formed in 2000, which started as a raw brutalcore band to become now one of the most against the grain and experimental reality in the whole "post" scene. Their style gathers the experiences of psych moods, post HC, 70's space rock, drone and ambient, just to create an intimate and extremely personal view of heavy music. Through the years the band has published many releases and has been playing an uncountable number of gigs around its country and (so far) the rest of Europe, frequently sharing the stage with other great names.

Members of Viscera/// also play in MoRkObOt, The Drop Machine, Malasangre, Tombstone Highway, Mount Piezein Circle, Self Human Combustion, and occasionally appears with a reduced line-up even under the name of Cives Ra.

Source : Official Myspace page