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Biografie : Trollfest

Sometime not to long ago, four trolls were sitting in the forrest, waiting for christians as they usually do when they are hungry. It might be worth mentioning that trolls, they are always hungry, but wether they have the munchees or not, I do not know. But lets not dwell with such matters. The trolls had started drinking, and they had been drinking long. But when the end of the mead barrel seemed to be shoving its face, there was suddenly noises from the road. Christian noises. Smelling their blood the trolls quietly and quickly run for the road. And what a glorious sight for a hungry troll. A fat bishop, to priests, their fat wives, and a group of minstrels. The trolls of course went head diving into the food, and started eating even before the first of them hit the ground. As you all know, trolls eat fast, and violently, and the meal was over in no time. Like most trolls these trolls were curious, when they found the minstrels instruments the trolls picked them up wondering what it was. The ones that had been eaten on were thrown away. The trolls of course brought their instruments back to the village, and in some lucky way, the instruments had magicaly been tuned like troll instruments, and not the christian happy go lucky tunes. This might also come of the fact that trolls play their instruments rather hard, but this might reveal itself later Now trolls are not that smart, but they have mead, and as we all know, "mead makes you wise, smart and skilled for music and singing. And the trolls have plentyfull of mead....

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