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2001 - 2003: The roots of founding a band

Save Our Souls roots began in 2001 when singer George William started writing music at his apartment in New York City while he studied at the University of Central Florida. But after a short time he registrated that he can't do music on himself so he started searching for potential band members at some internet forums.

Only two weeks later he got a message from Joshua Jaffe who played in some local rock bands. After some month of searching a drummer Jaffe and William got an Email from Jason D'Amelio who got drummer of the band. Only a short time later after D'Amelio joined the band as drummer Elias Tannous become guistarist.

Eddie Delgado completed the first bands Line-Up. Delgado lived a long time in Dallas before he heard about the band at internet. He joined the band a short time
2003 - 2010: Chiba-Ken and moving to LA

The band released their first Demo CD in 2004. It consists out of 3 tracks and were downloadable at their old homepage chiba-ken.net which is not available any longer.

In September 2005 their first EP ''Faces of the Moment'' was released. The Cover layout was designed by Joshua Jaffe. The band invited Tenille De Freitas and Danielle Elyse Romano as cover models. The EP consists out of 7 tracks recorded at
Purple Light Studios. After releasing that EP Gotham Records spent attend on the band and signed them after releasing their second Demo at the begin of 2006.

On October 6th the band released their first professional album called ''Are We Innocent?'' which had sold 7,000 copies in the US only. Before the official release date was reached Delgado left band and was replaced by Dan Casper. In 2007 the label organized two concerts with God Forbid.

In 2008 the band played many concerts. One of them together with legendary Iron Maiden. Before moving to Los Angeles the band played alast concert at the legendary CGBG's in New York. Dan Casper left band after only one year and was replaced by Julian Petrow. Petrow was born in Kazakhstan and lived in Brooklyn.
When he heard that the band was looking for a second guitarist he was auditioned by the band and joined them after playing in front of them. Petrows' first concert was together with Iron Maiden at the Blossom Music Center in Ohio in June 2008. In November same year the band started working on their second album called Hard to Be Human. The band and Gotham Records split up short before leaving New York. The band worked on the album without a label and released it on April 9th 2009.

In Summer 2009 the band moved to Los Angeles. The band got one of the best newcomer bands at the Sunset Strip. They gave concerts at legendary Whisky A-Go-Go and the Key Club. One of LAs' biggest newspapers LA Weekly wrote some articles about the band. The band played at the Playboy Mansion at their Super- Bowl-Party. Together with producer and rapper Yung Berg the band recorded one track exclusive for the SSMF 2010.

2010 - today: Save Our Souls

In January 2010 the band changed their name into Save Our Souls. Graham Goetz and Julian Ken joined the band as new bassist and guitarist but Ken leaved band a short time later. Justin D'Amelio who had replaced Joshua Jaffe (Jaffe is bassist of The SmashUp) left band too.

The band played at the Sunset Strip Music Festival together with The Smashing Pumpkins, Kid Cudi, Lost Patrol, Volbeat and Slash. Just some weeks later the band gave a concert at Hiltons in Las Vegas, Nevada. On that concert the band invited some producers from Universal Studios and some proms. The band shared stage with Dave Lombardo, best known for his work with Slayer, at the end of September. The band will play a gig at the Playboy Mansion again in the end of October.

The band is working on new material for their new album which is slated for the fall of 2010.

Some little information

* The band shared stage together with Kittie, Iron Maiden, Ill Niño, From Autumn to Ashes, God Forbid, 40 Below Summer, Powerman 5000, Glassjaw, Cartel, The Smashing Pumpkins, Slash, Lost Patrol, Kid Cudi, Dave Lombardo, Travie McCoy, Steel Panther, Andrew W.K., The Ataris, Boysetsfire, On Broken Wings, Byzantine, Biology, Big Wig, Patent Pending, Sponge and Black Market Hero.
* Singer George William works when he is not working with the band as actor, cinematographer and director. He worked at the movies The Day After Tomorrow, Sex and the City, All My Children (Movie and TV) and played the main role at Tony n 'Tina's Wedding one of the longest running Off-Broadway-Productions.
* Before George William founded the band he lived in the Prefecture Chiba in Japan. The name was his inspiration for the band name CHIBA-KEN.
* MLB and american TV sports program ESPN licenced music by the band.
* Save Our Souls recorded a track called Siren together with record producer Yung Berg. They met first time at a gig at Playboy Mansion
* The band was invited by Hugh Hefner to play again at the Mansion
* Are We Innocent? and Faces of the Moment are available in Germany, Canada, France, the USA and Great Britain (Amazon)

Source : http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Save_Our_Souls