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The beginning of evil reaches the year 1999. Then Aiwass and Bloodbath formed the band Nokturn. After the year of existence the band broke up. In 2004, after the years of stagnation, the reactivation took place, supported by psychopathic Oblivion (voc). This event put Perdition to life. The horde, that has aimed at reviving the ideals of Black Metal, destroying all the moral values and spreading antihuman propaganda since the beginning.
After some rehearsals, the horde recorded the first song - "Nihilistic Worship of Death". Next, at the turn of 2004/2005, the first demo "Necromessiah" has been recorded and stated the musical and ideological way of Perdition. In June 2005, Nuclear Kriss (drums) joined the band what enabled the regular rehearsing. In this line-up, Perdition recorded a demo-reh - "Pure Fucking Degradation" and played some shows, i.a. with Taran, Non Opus Dei, Necrosadist.
Then Bloodbath, who wasn't interested in playing Black Metal anymore - left the horde, so the band had to exist in incomplete line-up. Only the accesion of Revenger - successor of Bloodbath - made Perdition "complete" band again.
Polish labelGod is Dead Records decided to re-release the demos and they appeared as a split with brazilian Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle, limited to 300 copies. The same label wanted to release the MCD, but the cooperation wasn't satisfying enough, so Perdition quitted. This loophole was shortly filled. MCD will be released by the new, ideological and professional label Putrid Prophet Prod. with the new layout and 2 bonus tracks from the latest recording session.
At the moment, Perdition is working on the debut full-lenght album entitled "Deo Rex Nihilum Est".

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