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"OG are STILL the best underground band in Britain." – Tommy Udo (Metal Hammer)

"It has to be said that Orange Goblin shows are very predictable, in the sense that you know they are going to be brilliant before they even hit the stage!" – Terry Beezer (Kerrang!)

"Consistently one of the greatest live bands the UK has produced in recent decades!" – Dom Lawson (Classic Rock)

"Put simply, Orange Goblin are the best metal band in Britain!" – Malcolm Dome (Metal Hammer)

Orange Goblin triumphantly continue to uphold the traditions of great British heavy metal. Having returned to the public eye after talks of a split following the departure of guitarist Pete O'Malley with their stunning album Thieving from the House of God in 2004, the Orange Goblin express train just keeps on gathering speed and the band has now risen to the very pinnacle of the stoner metal field.

From the psychedelic noodlings of Frequencies from Planet Ten to the greasy, biker groove of Time Travelling Blues, the crushing cosmic doom of The Big Black right through to the aggressive punk-metal fusion of Coup de Grace, the all out rock/metal majesty of Thieving from the House of God and, more recently, the plague-ridden Sabbathian-Doom of Healing Through Fire, the Goblin have continued to motor onward, freeing themselves from any stagnant pigeonhole or five-minute trend that may have been thrown their way. This is ROCK the way it should be...unpredictable, exciting and dangerous!!!!!

Over the last 15 years, since their formation in the late night drinking holes of London's Soho, the band have risen to the very pinnacle of what they do and played a major role in inspiring a whole crop of today's snotty upstarts. Orange Goblin have a worldwide reputation as an awesome live band and have earned this with countless tours, festivals, and special appearances, sharing the stage with the likes of Alice Cooper, Heaven & Hell, Sex Pistols, Down, Clutch, W.A.S.P, Kreator, Queens of the Stone Age, Danzig, High On Fire, Monster Magnet, Nashville Pussy, Eyehategod, Saint Vitus, Cathedral, Nebula, Unida, Alabama Thunderpussy, Dio, Grand Magus, Witchcraft, and many more.

On fire? Driven? Too right! Never has a band sounded so charged up.

Saddle up, crack open a cold one and throw the horns for Orange Goblin!!!

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