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Biografie : Old Wainds

OLD WAINDS were formed back in 1995, among the desolate northern landscapes of Hyperborean Russia, far beyond the Polar Circle, in the city of Murmansk.

Three Unholy Nordic Souls of Frost are the supreme forces behind the band since the very beginning : Morok, Kull and Kholdogor !

Their severe northern Land, it's Purest Nordic Spirit and atmosphere were the main sources of inspiration through the whole history of OLD WAINDS.

During the Autumn 1996 they finish the debut demo "Withers Of The Wind", which is sold out and unavailable by today.

1997 :
December - Demo "Here, Where The Snows Are Never Gone", which is an already legendary milestone by now. Merciless Nordic Holocaust Black Metal Aggression with no compromises.

1999 :
The third promo demo "Through the Chaos towards the Eternal Winter" was recorded, a pair of years later this work of the band was released by Miriquidy Prod. (GER) as vynil 7"EP.

2000 :
celebrated by the unreleased rehearsal tape.

2001 :
July - The new full-length album "Religion of the Spiritual Violence" was completed.
Stellar Winter Rex. (RUS) have re-release "Here, Where The Snows Are Never Gone" in pro-tape format

2002 :
Spring - Miriquidy Prod. (GER) have released "The Religion..." CD.

2003 :
Miriquidi have re-release "Where the snows..." on CD format. "Through Chaos..." 7" was reissued as split CD with NAV'.

2005 :
A new spawn of Old Wainds is out, "Scalding Coldness". It was the finish line of cooperation with Miriquidi prod.

2006 :
Summer - The very first demo "Withers Of The Wind" was reissued as CD by Arma Diaboli(RUS) and renamed to "Withers Of The Wainds". At this moment Band signs contract with Debemur Morti Productions on releasing next album.

Band will enter the studio in summer 2007 (The next step is near...)

2008 :
New album ("Death Nord Kult") is already recorded. It will out in Autumn 2008 via Debemur Morti Productions.

Source : http://www.myspace.com/oldwainds