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Biografie : Mythus

In the year 2001, the name Mythus was said in a gathering of four friends. After playing in other bands, Jorge Goulart, Pedro Fernandes, Rui Rodrigues and Gonçalo Correia decided to give birth to a new band. A new Era has began, an Era of Myths and legends, battles and conquests, where Metal speaks for himself. In September 2001, Mythus participated in a band contest “Sons de Garagem” in Santiago do Cacém, Portugal, wining the first place. In the beginning of 2002, they started to record a Demo CD intituled “Mists of a New Era” which allowed the participation of the band, in February of 2003, in the festival “Music by Europe (inSPEYERed)” in Speyer, Germany. This Gig had very good critics by the german press. Also in February of the same year, Mythus opened the Doomination festival in Évora, Portugal. 2004 shined at the sound of Ana Calisto’s voice and flute. This new member brought to Mythus some female voices and flute melodies that “sing” with the brutal guitars. With more powerful songs, full of myths and medieval environments, Mythus began the recording of their first album in 2005. Is born “Mighty Conquests”, where legends of Conquests blend in a powerful and melodic metal. This album has the participation of the Évora’s University Choir.

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