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Biografie : Lord Belial

Prelude; Birth Of The Beast And Its Instruments. It all began on a winternight in late 1992 when four dark souls came together under great influence of alcohol and a wish to create Black/Death Metal dedicated to the one without a master. The four dark souls spoken of before was Thomas Backelin, Micke Backelin, Anders Backelin and Niclas Andersson who started up Lord Belial that very night, the same winter they recorded the first demo ”The Art Of Dying” which got some really great reviews in underground zines. In the beginning of 1993 they once again entered the studio to record ”Into the Frozen Shadows” -a demotape which gave them a record deal with No Fashion Records that same year.

Chapter I; Kiss The Goat
Uppsala and the Soundfront studio was the first target in the year of 1994 for the quite new band Lord Belial as they were gonna record their debut album entitled ”Kiss The Goat” which was released in 1995 and really got some heavy attention on the band because of its ugly fucking pink cover which due to incompetent manufacturing still was released, but they also got great feedback from fans worldwide, and lots of live gigs was executed that year.

Chapter II; Enter The Moonlight Gate
In the summer of 1996 Lord Belial got their asses and gear to the Fredman Studios in Gothenburg to record the follow up to "Kiss The Goat", entitled ”Enter The Moonlight Gate” (which was released in mid 1997.) This time they chose Studio Dzyan to create a cover for the album and it was fucking awesome!! Right after the recording was complete, Lord Belial went on their first tour as a headline act with the German bands Adorned Brood and Impending Doom as support acts. The second tour was approaching the band in late 1997 as their fellow countrymen in Dismember wanted them to join in as an opening act together with Disfear. After the tour, Lord Belial got many offers about gigs and tours but now it was time to just continue rehearsing and writing new material.

Chapter III; Unholy Crusade
1998 was the year of the creation of the ”Unholy Crusade” and this time Los Angered Recording Studios was chosen as the battlefield of this crusade. This album was released in 1999. A Tour was again executed but this time with Lord Belial as the head act and it was all a success… After lots of gigs and smaller tours Niclas decided to leave the band in 2000 and was replaced by Fredrik Wester

Chapter IV; Angelgrinder
With a new Line-up an album was recorded once again in Los Angered, in the end of the process Niclas Andersson rejoined the band and now the band concisted of five members for the first time in their history and with three guitars it was a massive wall of sound. After the release in 2002 Lord Belial was head act for the ”Angelgrinder Tour” with Corporation 187, Satanic Slaughter and various local bands as support, rigth after this tour Fredrik was forced to leave the band due to lack of time from his side. In the winter of 2003 they also was head act for another tour supported by the Norwegian Forlorn. Lord Belial continued playing all around europe until a day in June when Micke decided to take a break from the band and was temporarily replaced by Daniel Moilanen, and with this Niclas once again quit the band with a mututal understanding.

Chapter V; The Seal of Belial
The third album in a row in Los Angered and this time with yet another new line-up… Daniel quit the band in the middle of the process of the recording and Micke rejoined Lord Belial right after Daniel´s departure.

The rest is unwritten history yet to come…

Biography taken from the Official website.