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The idea of the band was born in late summer of 2007 when Unborn Suffer's guitarist/vocalist Damian "Sfenson' Bednarski and Enemy Division's vocalist Krzysztof "Grim" Nowicki spontanously decided to form a band together. It was then decided that the band will play with a drum machine. So the band needed only a bassist to fill in the line-up. Sfenson's first (and last) suggestion was Enemy Division's bassist Lukasz "Piehoo" Pieszczynski. Sfenson and Piehoo already talked several times before about forming a project, so they decided now's the time to go with it. The band was ready to rehearse in November. The most important problem was the name of the project. Grim said, he didn't want the band with double-barelled name, but just one strong word to define the band. It was more difficult, but finally, Piehoo, after browsing through the scientific-technical dictionary at his working place, suggested the word "Contagion'. But, Sfenson found few bands already called like that, however they decided to stay with this name, they changed only C letter onto K one.

3 tracks were written and made quickly for a first EP. The recording of the EP took place in February 2008 in Dream Factory studio in Bydgoszcz (studio in which Unborn Suffer and Enemy Division recorded their albums). Mixing nad mastering was taken care by Przemek "Smiechu" Staszak. The EP was simlpy entitled "!".

After that, Kontagion started writing material for full-lenght album, but later on some problems appeared and the whole idea was put on hold for nearly 4 months. In July, Enemy Division deprated. Grim and Sfenson started talking about continuing Kontagion. At the beginning of september 2008, Sfenson and ex-Unborn Suffer drummer Jakub "Qbadrummer" Siemiatkowski decided to play together as Kontagion. Kontagion ressurected developing from a project to a real band. Bassist Piehoo didn't want to participate in the band no more because of his commitment in a new band Nihil Quest, so his place was taken by Unborn Suffer's bassist Piotr "Malpa" Lukasik. Jakub "Qbadrummer" Siemiatkowski took the position of drummer.

In this line-up we played our first gigs and started writing material for a debut album. In december 2008 the band recorded a promo track "D.A M.C.D." which was published in april 2009.

In october 2009, Qbadrummer quit Kontagion. He was replaced by Wojciech "Blady" Strusiewicz, former drummer of the bands Distrust (band in which he played toghether with Grim for a short time) and Putrefaction. We played our first gig with him on 18.12. in Estrada stagebar. After this gig Małpa decided to quit the band. In march 2010 Adam "Dex" Napora started handling bass duties. The band started extensive gig playing and in October 2010 entered Dream Factory studio once again to record it's first full lenght. Recording lasted one month and the album was mixed in IX Studio in Świecie by Michał Barski .

After the recording session vocalist Grim was forced to leave Poland and had to quit the band. Sfenson took over main vocal duties and In december 2010 Kontagion's line-up was expanded by keyboardist Mikołaj "Majk" Marcysiak. In January, band greeted new vocalist Dariusz "Dark" Tofiło ( ex-Unborn Suffer, ex- Wyrock). Kontagion continued on playing gigs.

On May 17th the band released an album sampler available for free download, and 10.09.2011 was the date of realase of our first videoclip fot the song "[S.O.B.E.R.]" The debut album will be out September 14th, prepare for Destruction !!!

Source : http://www.myspace.com/kontagionpl