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GOATLORD had a short but meaningful lifespan. Beginning in 1985 the band did not release their first demo until 1987. Their initial offering was a mixture of sludge and death metal. Originally only titled "1987 Demo", the cult grew and tape traders dubbed the first demo "Forever Black Dwell in Hell" a line taken form the song "Unholy Black Slut". The second demo "Sodomize the Goat" was a much deeper look into the GOATLORD depravity. This demonstration tape contained some over-the-top titles like "Underground Church" and of course "Chicken Dance". GOATLORD began to move into a slower and more convincing mode of metal. Their live shows were few but mighty and they really brought a seething feel to their live performance. GOATLORD went on to record only one more demo in 1991 before tensions grew about the way the band should progress. Some of the members wanted to go towards a slower more droning approach. The debate continued and Ace Stills (vocalist) ventured off to do his own band DOOM SNAKE CULT.
The next step was inevitable: a recording contract with Turbo Records. GOATLORD, with their remaining members, began to work on their first full-length record without Ace. They had hired on Mitch Harris (Righteous Pigs) as their replacement vocalist. The entire album was recorded with Mitch as the vocalist and only a few last minute adjustments needed to be taken care of before mastering. This is where Ace resurfaced and asked to rejoin the now reviled band. The lords of the goat conceded and reunited. Unbeknownst to the band when Ace laid down his tracks he recorded over Mitch's lead vocals and those versions are now lost forever.

GOATLORD has made an impression. What we are left with is one foul studio album and these demos that you now hold. Vile and wretched GOATLORD has stained us all and I for one am grateful. I would like to thank Joe Frankulin and GOATLORD for making this metal and Roman/From Beyond Productions for releasing this compendium. Fucking Black! Don of the Dead

Biography from Displeased Records.