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Welsh quintet Funeral for a Friend featured vocalist Matt 'The Rat' Davies, guitarists Kris Roberts and Darren Smith, bassist Gareth Davies, and drummer Randy Richards. The quintet's energized blend of emo, metal, and post-hardcore first appeared in 2002 with a series of EPs and singles, including Between Order And Model, Four Ways To Scream Your Name, and "Juneau". The releases wound up landing them on the cover of Kerrang! Magazine, instant hype that paid off in the shape of a record deal with Warner Music U.K. Funeral for a Friend's debut full-length Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation was issued in October 2003. It was not given a concurrent U.S. release; instead, the seven-track mini-CD Seven Ways To Scream Your Name (collecting non-album tracks from the earlier EPs) appeared domestically via the New Jersey indie Ferret. Meanwhile, Funeral for a Friend embarked on a series of high-profile touring engagements, including a series of European dates opening for Iron Maiden. Touring continued through summer 2004. The Spilling Blood in 8mm DVD appeared in September with live footage, videos, and a band documentary. Funeral for a Friend returned in June 2005 with Hours, their second full-length. More touring followed, including the band's first stint on the Warped Tour. ~ Ed Rivadavia, All Music Guide
Written by Ed Rivadavia