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Formed in 2002 by Linus Wikström (guitars), Daniel Hannedahl (drums) and Tobias Birgersson (guitars) in the west coast of Sweden, Frequency moved their first steps in the music scene in the death metal band Lothlorien and in the power metal band Melodrama. In May 2003 Glenn Laur..n (vocals) joined the band and later on that year Mats Halldin (bass) entered.
Musically you can discribe them as a metal band with influences from heavy metal to classical music and some progressive metal. Right from the start they were highly focused on songwriting and getting it real tight on rehearsals and at liveperfomances.
In July 2003 they released their first demo. For the recording Frequency used Studio Mega (The Crown, Lake of Tears, Impiuos, Arise and Beseech among others). The demo recieved great reviews and some connections with recordlabels were done. They appeared on the compilations Metal Ostentation vol. 5 and also Metal-only.com DEMOlition vol.1 with songs from this recording. In November 2003 and January 2004 they recorded two new demos, mostly to try out some new songs, this time they used Javelin Studio. April - August 2004 were busy months for Frequency with many gigs and a new demorecording in September, again they used Studio Mega and the result was amazing. Many labels offered deals and they decieded to go with Scarlet Records.
In May 2005 Frequency recorded their debut album ..When dream and fate collide.. at Studio Mega and released the album worldwide in March 2006. The reviews and comments from fans was highly over expectation. Late 2006 Linus, Mats and Tobias got an endorsement deal with the Polish guitarcompany Mayones and Equippo in Sweden.
Right now Frequency is rehearsing for the upcoming album session that is set to February 2007. That disc is going to kick a lot of butt!!!

Source : http://www.myspace.com/frequencysweden