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Folkearth is an international music project created in 2003 by musicians playing folk and viking metal. The name (folk + earth) symbolizes musicians from all over the world playing folk music. So far, a total of eight full-length albums have been released, with the most recent being "Viking's Anthem".

The history of the group has begun at February 2003 when creation of project which could unite musicians from different countries who play folk and pagan metal idea has originated from some musicians. A NORDIC POEM album released in 2004.
Because of the bad quality of this record, the band decided to remaster and reissue their debut. 2006-09-01, shortly after the reissue of A Nordic Poem the second album titled By the Sword of My Father is released. Even more bands, such as Van Langen, Thiasos Dionysos, Hildr Valkyrie, Death Army, The Soil Bleeds Black have joined Folkearth in the production of this album, so the total line-up consisted of 31 musicians from 8 different countries. Folkearth's latest album Drakkars in the Mist was released 2007-05-28[3] with the biggest lineup so far. Currently, more than 30 musicians are working on the 4th album. However, some people believe, that in many cases the lineup for Folkearth has been extended unnecessarily, since a token performance on a single track will list someone on the booklet as a full-fledged member. The band members also don't make money out of the project, and do not promote it, probably because of the lack of funds.
Because of the musical project's complex structure, Folkearth has not performed live, and it's unlikely they will perform live in the future.

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