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Biografie : Exciter (CAN)

1982 - Signs with Shrapnel Records in California, which releases U.S. METAL VOL. II featuring one EXCITER song " World War II " and is distributed wordwide. EXCITER quickly gets recognition, and is referred to as one of the FIRST Speed/Power Metal bands of the early's 80's.

1983 - " Heavy Metal Maniac " is released on the Shrapnel Label. In the first week of the release date 10 000 advance copies are ordered from record stores across the U.S.A. To this day, this LP is considered to be the all time classic EXCITER album, as judged by fans, critics and the record industry. August 1983, EXCITER play their first high profile show, opening for BLACK SABBATH, in their hometown, Ottawa, Canada.

1984 - EXCITER sign with Megaforce Records, in the U.S.A. The band travel to Ithaca, New York to record " Violence And Force " at Pyramid Sound. Shortly after the album is released worldwide EXCITER do a few dates with ANTHRAX. Later that year, EXCITER go on tour with MERCYFUL FATE, and do a full tour across the U.S.

1985 - EXCITER switch record label and more on to Music for Nations in London, England. The band fly to the UK in march, and record " Long Live the Loud " at Britannia Row Studio which is owned and operated by members of Pink Floyd. EXCITER decide to use Guy Bidmead, one of MOTORHEAD's producers. Right after the album is finished, EXCITER embark on a 10 city European tour with German band ACCEPT and play large arenas in Germany, Belgium, France, England.

Summer of '85 - EXCITER play a coast to coast U.S. tour with MOTORHEAD and MEGADETH, playing in venues from 500 seats - 2000 seats. All shows were capacity filled.

1986 - " Unveiling the Wicked " is released on Music for Nations in the UK. A European tour follows, with MOTORHEAD,MANOWAR. Later that year the band plays various Festivals in Brazil.

1988 - EXCITER sign with Canadian label Maze Records, and the album " Exciter " is released. A Canadian tour follows.

1992 - Noise Record in Berlin, Germany sign EXCITER for the next recording, and release " Kill After Kill ". This time EXCITER play a 3 week tour of Europe, with German band RAGE.

1993 - EXCITER sign with Bleeding Hearts Records in the UK and release a live CD " Better Live Than Dead ".

1996 - In March, a new line-up is announced, joining original guitarist, John Ricci is vocalist, Jacques Belanger, drummer, Rik Charron, and bassist, Marc Charron.

The band play a few Canadian shows, and get overwhelming response and rave reviews.

1997 - EXCITER are writing new material which can be described as sounding a lot like their trademark, fast, aggressive, and very metal, but with more melodic razor-sharp vocals.

1998 - The new CD, which will be released later this year, will have 10 new tracks. The OSMOSE label, based in France, will release the new EXCITER in Europe, Japan, Australia and Canada. Shortly after the release, a European tour is scheduled. Further details will become available later.

2000 - Blood of Tyrants, EXCITER's newest release, features ten "In your face" Metal classics, in the EXCITER speed/power tradition.
Each song has a anthem theme. The agression and delivery of EXCITER's trademark sound is executed by four intense metal maniacs : John Ricci (Guitars), Jacques Belanger (Vocals), Rik Charron (Drums) and Mark Charron (Bass).

Source: Label Officiel: http://www.osmoseproductions.com