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Biografie : Eclipse (PL)

Eclipse came to existence in the summer 1997 when Chors (voc., bass) and Daamr (guit.) first met. After the confrontation of their music visions they decide they should create music together. They spend next few weeks creating some songs meant to be recorded in the future.

At the same time Chors and Daamr start looking for new musicians for the band. Matey (guit) joins the group at the beginning of 1998. This lineup starts regular rehearsals and working on their material to be recorded and presented live. They still look for a drummer. Unfortunately Matey is not able to cope with his problems and he leaves the band in the summer 1998. Chors and Daamr decide to concentrate on finishing their material for the first recording. A few technical problems appear (including postponing the session a few times), however, they manage to record five songs entitled "Dorsacharm's Venomous Colours".

Eclipse starts promoting the material as much as it is possible and they get very good reviews for it. Soon they