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1990-1991 Formed by Wolfgang Weiss and René Kramer; music and bandname inspired by the then thriving Grindcore movement; 3 demo tapes recorded. 1992 line-up and style refreshed; promotional tape recorded; deal with Lethal Records 1993 CD In Melancholy released. 1994 CC form their own label STARRY to have the possibility to run limited edition releases and put out more obscure material. 1995 MCD Eisbär 90210 released, limited edition, featuring 2 versions of the Grauzone classic ”Eisbaer”, Apocalyptic Death Folk ballads and weird electronics. Second full length album „For Love“ I Said recorded and released, showing a more complex style and approach 1997 Split CD with Todd Dillingham, entitled Tryst released; CC in a psychedelic vein. An acoustic recording session done in the cult chamber room of Castle Lockenhaus remains unreleased (some songs appear on compilations later on). 2001 Compilation tape Nostalgia 1990-1999 released. The Lesser Travelled Seas CD released. The most heavy, catchy and passionate songs CC have written so far, all mixed up with strange sounds, lyrics and art plus some musical guests (Matt Howden, Richard Leviathan) and a collaboration with RN Taylor. Featuring a Death In June coverversion in true CC style. Torch Death Metal and Apocalyptic Death Folk! 2002 CC release a limited edition Live CDr, celebrating over 10 years of Live performances. 2003 What the Waves Were Always Saying released, this special CD was given away for free at the 2 CC concerts in Reykjavik, Iceland. It came with a pamphlet written by Bill Drummond (KLF) and was only available in Iceland. CC travelled to Iceland to celebrate the Solar Eclipse, visible only in Northern Regions on May 31st 2003, by playing at the Solmyrkvi Festival in Reykjavik. 2 copies of the special CD/pamphlet package were put in bottles and thrown into the sea from Icelandic cliffs. They were sent as a message-in-a-bottle and now drift in the ocean somewhere…… 2004 The Past Is Another Country compilation CD released. Special CC compilation CDr released in Turkey and Iran only. Cadaverous Condition is currently searching for a new label to release their newest and strongest material