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Beherit was one of the earliest Nordic black metal bands. The band formed in Finland in 1989 under the name Diabolus and released several cult albums before calling it quits in 1997. The band actually broke up earlier on but the founding member Nuclear Holocausto continued Beherit as a solo project with the last two albums being more ambient and experimental music than black metal. After putting Beherit to rest Holocausto sold all his property and went to the far east. The drummer decided to live a normal life. Black Jesus formed Parade Of Souls, then joined Painflow, toured Germany, and after a while fell into chemicals. He later on joined the Finnish goth band UltraNoir. Nuclear Holocausto's other band Goat Vulva released a demo called "Baphometal" in 1990.

BEHERIT were the unholy practitioners of black metal long before too many knew what to call it (their debut recording "The Oath Of Black Blood" was recorded in 1990). But that is not to say that certain journalists & newspapers in the north of Finland didn´t try to come up with a few chosen words for the band and their primitive and brutally vicious sound (the best of them being a huge photo of Mr Holocausto swinging a mutilated pig head above his head on stage, in the local newspaper, with the linear note: "Also the pig joined the black metal party").

Originally cut between 1990 and 1994, these 16 recordings offered here represent nothing less than some of the very rawest, most primitive and most savage form of metal yet achieved at the time. This disc contains selected & remastered scorching tracks from the original albums along the never-before-released live tracks from their blood-filled shows from the early days.

BEHERIT´s aggressive aural attack was due in equal measure to the perfectly chaotic guitar spasms of Mr Nuclear Holocausto Vengeange, along his murderous screams, the thundering bass work of the late great Black Jesus and the primitive drum work of Sodomatic Slaughter. These merchants of black metal were strictly mean, lean & satanic, long before the BM mass hysteria started almost ten years later.

Not only did BEHERIT come up with killer riffs on a regular basis but their songs´ lyrical content relentlessly explored the full range of topics that would surely have driven even Tipper Gore´s old granny into a total dizzy !!! From satanic threats to overall evil, to the joys of overdosing on toxic substances, to disturbing mental states. And all this in the name of black metal.

BEHERIT also helped to fuel a vibrant scene in Finland that also spawned other such notable combos as IMPALED NAZARENE, DEMIGOD, BELIAL and several others.

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