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Augury is a technical death metal band from Montreal, Canada who released their debut album, Concealed in September 2004 on Galy Records, and a follow-up, Fragmentary Evidence, in July 2009 on Nuclear Blast Records.
Although the idea to create the band had been in discussions between members since they met in 1997, the actual formation of Augury did not take place until 2001 when lead guitarist Mathieu Marcotte left his former band, Spasme, and began to audition drummers. He was soon joined by Dominic "Forest" Lapointe of Atheretic fame on bass, and Arianne Fleury on vocals. Vocalist and guitarist Patrick Loisel joined in February 2002 after taking leave of his former band, Kralizec. Former drummer of Adenine, Mathieu Groulx joined the band in June 2002 and completed the line-up.

With this line-up, Augury wrote their first six songs and played their first show, but soon Mathieu Groulx departed due to a lack of time and different musical taste. The band, however, continued to write more songs and began to add strings to their compositions. Soon after, Étienne Gallo joined as a drummer and in September 2004 their debut album Concealed was recorded and released by Galy Records.

Although work began on the second album soon after the release of Concealed, it was spread over four years due to line-up changes. In 2006, drummer Étienne Gallo left and Augury decided to work with another drummer for a year, but scheduling problems led to Gallo being called back. Gallo learned all the songs and helped record them, but it since it was a temporary situation, drummer Antoine Baril was recruited. Mathieu Marcotte said of the delay "..for sure we would have wished to release the album before, but we made a good out of the bad and we perfected the songs and added more details to them." The band also diversified their sound since Patrick, Forest, and Mathieu each wrote a third of the album. It was during the writing process for their sophomore album that Nuclear Blast was introduced to Augury by Kataklysm, who had heard a few Augury songs online. Impressed, they signed Augury onto the label and let them retain their sound. Fragmentary Evidence was released in July and August 2009 in Europe and North America respectively. Due to songs like "Jupiter to Ignite" and "Oversee the Rebirth" being very layered, complex and lengthy, Augury do not play the former and only play the first half of the latter.

Between the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010, the band parted ways with drummer Antoine Baril and long-time bassist Dominic "Forest" Lapointe. Former Neuraxis drummer Tommy McKinnon (who joined full time since then) and MAG bassist Christian Pacaud were recruited as temporary replacements for The American Defloration North American tour with The Black Dahlia Murder, Obscura, and Hatesphere.

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