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Biografie : Ancient Wisdom

Ancient Wisdom is the solo project of Marcus E. Norman and stands as the most melancholic, depressive and disharmonic Black Metal project from Sweden.
Formed by Norman back in 1992 under the name Ancient, the first demotape "In the Eye of the Serpent" was recorded later that year. Printed in 300 copies it got a huge response from the underground scene. Being very different from the Swedish sound that dominated the scene in the early nighties Ancient Wisdom focused more on slow haunting melodies, atmospheres of darkness and melancholy instead of agression.

After the release of the first demotape the band changed name to Ancient Wisdom and in 1993 the second tape, "Through Rivers of the Eternal Blackness", was recorded. This tape got the band signed to the Italian label Avantgarde Music and the debut album, "For Snow Covered the Northland", was recorded in December 1994. Due to some technical errors this album was not released until 1996 and during this time Marcus E. Norman decided to continue on his own. The result can be heard on the second opus, "The Calling ", released by Avantgarde Music in 1997. With that album the concept of a dark, diabolical and grim world was blend within the gloomy notes of slow and depressive Black Metal enriched with remarkable keyboard work.

Years of silence passed since the release of " The Calling ", but finally the long awaited new Ancient Wisdom album...And The Physical Shape Of Light Bled " was ready to strike the world. First meant to be a mini-cd, the first part of this infernal symphony was recorded in 1998, but due to different circumstances the decision was made to release a full length album instead. More material was composed and at the end of November 1999, everything was finished and the album was released in the beginning of 2000....And The Physical Shape Of Light Bled " is another step in the direction Ancient Wisdom started out with the two previous albums, a journey into a world of melancholy, darkness and death, filled with haunting melodies and chilling atmospheres....