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Like a great many side projects, San Francisco's Agenda of Swine had to wait a short time before really getting going, due to the responsibilities of its members' mainstay bands. The initial musings on such an outfit first came together from the minds of Bunumb's Pete Pontikoff and Vulgar Pigeons' Jeff Lenormand and John Gotelli in 2004. But the nascent musical metal idea would have to wait until some time opened up, and that very instance came about two years later, as the aforementioned Bunumb and Vulgar Pigeons faded into the mysterious world of "extended hiatus." That year, 2006, Agenda of Swine went full-on, adding members Emad Jaghab and Jason Behan -- bass and drums, respectively. The next year was spent hashing out the band's brand of grind and death, and by the fall of 2007, Agenda was ready to expose the world to their vision. First stop was shipping out demos, which were taken in with great interest by a fairly well known metal label called Relapse. Excited by the new project, the label soon signed the act, and released their debut full-length, Waves of Human Suffering, in 2008. That year would see the band promote their work with a series of tours in spring and summer, sharing stages with bands such as Attitude Adjustment and Cattle Decapitation. ~ Chris True, All Music Guide

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