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One Hundred Suns was formed out of a two piece Power Violence project named "Screaming Bloody Murder"; Andre Toledo and Achillie Salamini set out with the idea to create music that keeps a balance between hardcore and punk and that hits directly to the point. Knowing that there was a definite missing element, Andre and Achille decided to add a punishing wall of sound to what they were creating.

Late in the summer of 2004 Kevin Clark (Shaharazad, The Acrylics) and Tony Martinez joined up to complete the triple guitar threat. Within weeks the band recorded a 4 track EP to lay the foundation for growth. Immediately following the recording Iain Deaderick (Hadan) joined the band for bass and vocal work.

With all positions filled the band concentrated on building further on the initial idea and wrote enough material for a full-length album: “ Deception; Calculate what you can’t see.”In February 2005, after completing the recording work on “Deception,” Tony Martinez left the band to pursue other musical interests. At that time Iain Deaderick invited Matt Luque (Artificium Sanguis) to fill the open lead guitar position.

In an hour’s time there was no doubt that this was the final, conclusive ingredient needed to complete the project. With the varied influences of Grind, Black Metal, Doom, and Hardcore at its roots, each member of One Hundred Suns has concentrated on growth and experimentation. Since completing the lineup and the previous recording, One Hundred Suns has pursued the next evolution of its sound without hesitation. Create, destroy, and repeat.

Source : http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/100_Suns/87700