Morgan Berthet

Name Morgan Berthet
Birth date 25 Juli 1985
Land France
Stadt Lyon

Frontal (FRA)

The Mars Chronicles

2012 2014 Die Band Seite



2008 2011 Die Band Seite


Vise Versa


2011 2012 Die Band Seite

Morgan Berthet was born on July 25th , 1985 in France.

His love for music and particulary drumming caught his parent’s attention.

Consequently, he started learning drums at the age of 3. In 2006 , he graduated from MAI ( Music Academy International ) with merit .

One year later , he joined Eyeless and Frontal.

Then in 2008 , he also joined Eths as their session drummer . Through this experience , Morgan met Shob ( bass player ) and together they launched this epic project ( Bass/batt ).
Recently , in 2011 , Morgan officially joined Myrath.

The following year , he joined a brand new project The Mars Chronicles.

In just two years , TMC has landed many fans and took part in a European tour along with Orphaned Land and Klone .