Juha Mäenpää

Name Juha Mäenpää
Birth date 1981
Land Finland
Stadt Ilmajoki


My love of music was born in 1984… when I was 3 years old. Queen was the band that made me interested about music. Those melodies and vocal harmonies did touch me so hard, that I found my passion. I knew that I wanted to play, but I was not sure what instrument would be best for me. I heard Jarre´s music soon after that…and I was stunned. My choice was coming to be quite clear. I did love Freddie Mercury´s voice and piano playing…and also Jean Michel Jarre’s music…so I found that piano and keyboards were for me.

I grew up listening to music from all genres, and that did teach me to listen and appreciate players in many styles. I had my first encounters with heavy metal when I heard the albums Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? by Megadeth and Master of Puppets by Metallica. Piano was still nr.1 for me, but listening to Dave Mustaine´s riffs made me want to play guitar and learn the secrets of it. Piano went a little to the background while I was practicing Megadeth´s and others metalmusic.

I did not have my own guitar, so I spent a lot of time in music-class at school between classes…and sometimes I stayed there after school… Thanks a lot to my music teacher at that time. At the age of 10, I started my “first band” and I have played all kinds of music in various line-ups ever since. Playing a lot of different instruments while I was young was necessary.

I was desperately trying to form a real band. Members came and went … If I found someone to play guitar, I played drums…If I found drummer, I played guitar or keyboards.. sometimes I played bass… It would be fun to know how many hours I have spent in that rehearsal place…It would be a lot. That rumble took a looooooooooooong time… and I never did get that job done. Last line-up did stayed together one year and we played only covers… Dream Theater, Megadeth, Therapy etc. Well, when I look back on that time, I am glad that I practiced and learned to play many instruments ´cause one of my dreams is to make a demo/album where I play all music.

Juha MäenpääI joined Celesty in April 2001 after having met Jere in a local music store. We set up a date for a rehearsal and I have been a member of the band from that day onward. I threw my first gig with the guys on August 25, 2001, when Celesty was supporting Sonata Arctica. "With Celesty I have had great chance to work with my hero of metal music today; Mr. Richard Andersson. My hero, on our album...Dream Come True for me. ...and nowadays he is a really good friend of mine. Amazing what language of music can do." Keyboards rules;)

My favourite metal bands are mainly progressive metal. However, I listen a lot to other kinds of music as well. I think it’s important when writing songs, because you then tend to draw influences from several different genres. It does not matter what instrument my influence plays. There are keyboardists, guitarists, drummers, singers in my list…if he/she is good… I listen.

Beside Celesty I work with a Megadeth-cover band called Megamorphose and also with my own project - mainly progressive metal …but…without musical limits…yet with no name. My gear currently consists of Korg Triton Le 76 and Korg X3 keyboards and an Apex Ultimate stand. My guitar is Esp Ltd DV8R Dave Mustaine model and amp is Line 6. People to thank that I’m in this road are Freddie Mercury (Rest In Peace, Master) and Jean Michel Jarre and Dave Mustaine. THANK YOU!

” If I had to do it all over again? Why not, I would do it a little bit differently."
~Freddie Mercury ~


Source : http://www.celesty.net/juha.html