Johns Harris

Name Johns Harris
Birth date unbekannt
Land Germany
Stadt unbekannt

Since 1978 Harris Johns works as a soundengineer and producer mostly for punk and metal productions. After 1 year working in the biggest studio of Berlin the Hansa Studio, he founded his own studio, the now legendary Music Lab Berlin. The first 2 years working in a former stationary shop, he then located to Berlin-Kreuzberg opening his studio there in a loft near the then still existing wall. Later he moved to and founded a new studio near Berlin, the Spiderhouse, which is closed by now. His last production there was in may 2009. The Music Lab Berlin he restarted again, prefering to work in his own studios, but also in other big studios and live (Slipknot at the London Astoria, WGT, WFF).

Produced albums