Antti Railio

Name Antti Railio
Birth date 1984
Land Finland
Stadt Helsinki



Seit 2003 Bis 2009 Die Band Seite

I was born in Helsinki Finland in 1984, from there my family moved to a small seashore village called Skaftung. After that we moved couple of times in the nearby towns and villages, because of my parent’s jobs. I started my first grade at a really extremely small village school, There was like 7-9 pupils in the entire school! Any way our teacher was really musical, And that’s why we had music classes every day.

Our teacher noticed my talent to sing and "made" me to sing in every actions possible. I remember they even tried to get me into a music school at a nearby village, But it was too expensive for my parents to pay. Well years passed and i moved up to High School!

In there I had the honour to have one of the coolest persons I have ever met, As my music teacher! She inspired me and pushed me onward, All the time showing me new songs to sing and so on.

I was not that good student generally, Because I used to skip school almost every day.. ;) But Never when I had music! Actually I used to go to music classes when I had some other classes to attend to. Well at that time I was in my first band we played some melodic metal! And I continued singing in every actions possible from traditional finish songs to Heavy metal. When I finally got out from High School, I moved to a city called Vaasa, Where I still live. In here I met few of my best friends and we started a band project (now days Diecell). We played few years and our band members changed more often than I change my boxers.

Well time passed and I heard from somewhere that a Power metal band from Seinäjoki CELESTY Was searching a new vocalist. I took my chances and posted an email to the band and what do you know they answered me back and told me to come to an audition the very next day. I almost shit my pants but started immediately rehearsing some songs for the audition. The day came and I went to Seinäjoki. Later on the guys said that at the very moment I opened my mouth they knew I was their new singer. But they wanted to keep me in excitement and told me to come back later on the week and sing again, before an small audience witch gave me an, hmm "Idols" type of an approach.. After I finished singing they said to me, "Congratulations, You are our new Singer". From that moment on my journey with CELESTY begun. I was only 2 weeks in the band before I went to studio and singed all the song for Legacy Of Hate, The second album of CELESTY. The album got good feed back all around. We did some summer festival gigs and club gigs as well.

Antti RailioIn the summer of 2005 we participated on a Megadeth tribute album, With a song called Holy Wars The punishment Due.

Then I went away for a while to do my duty in the finish army. In that time when I was on a weekend vacation I singed four tracks to Diecell´s first demo, That is the Vaasa based thrash metal band, witch I also time to time torment with my voice.. ;)

Also I had the time to participate on the new Altaria´s album, to do some backing vocals. In the same time when I was in the army, we signed a new record deal with a German record company DOCKYARD1.

Then when I got away from the army I had the time to sing a song also for an Argentina based band(Beto Vazquez Infinity), I wrote lyrics to it and singed the song in my friends studio here in Vaasa.

Now at the moment we are doing our third full length album with CELESTY, And I am really glad and extremely anxious to get it finished because I really love all the songs and I am sure you will too! So, I guess there is not much more I can tell you at the moment. We just have to wait and see what the future brings along for me and the band.

See you all in our forthcoming gigs and shows and remember to keep your Heavy Metal hearts burning!!!