Zombified Humanity

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Band Name Syphilitic Abortion
Album Name Zombified Humanity
Type Split
Erscheinungsdatum April 2012
Musik GenrePorno Gore Grind
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen2


1. Devouring Putrid Whore
2. Drummer Cannibalistic Avenger
3. Drink Pus Cunt
4. Infectious and Contagious Disease
5. Spasm Post Mortem
6. Old Fetid Corpse
7. Sexual Pervesion of Corpse
8. Bizarre Human Formation
9. Grind Human Organs
10. The Gore Sound of Vaginal Putrid
11. Cycle of Demise
12. Systematic Slavery
13. Lamentable
14. Worms of Power
15. Extortion
16. Torture Will Begin
17. Rotting Mind Disturbing
18. Smash Your Head
19. Dismemberment
20. Schizophrenic Psychotic Bitch
21. Grind Your Bones
22. Human Warfare
23. Putrid Stench
24. Putrefaction and Decay
25. Blood Crust
26. Means Shit
27. Ripped in Halh (Mortician Cover)
28. Pathological Thoughs
29. Rotten Deformity
30. Anal Sores
31. Beyond the Carcass
32. Fragmentos da Decomposição
33. Frutos do Incesto
34. Mass of Shit
35. Necroteraphy
36. Vagabunda
37. Degolado com Folha de Cana
38. Intro
39. The Humanity Walks the Way
40. Fuck You !!!
41. Sickness of Society
42. Mass Opression
43. Hungry's Industry
44. Morbid Antecipation
45. V.O.G. (Virus of Genocide)
46. So What?...We'll Gonna Die !!!
47. Fear of Reality
48. Incubus (Vulcano Cover)
49. Pulsating Cerebral Slime (Xysma Cover)
50. Maggot Colony (Carcass Cover)
51. Magotts in Your Flesh (Dead Infection Cover)
52. Embalmed in Sulphuric Acid (Pungent Stench Cover)
53. Putrid Mass if Burn Excrement (LDOH Cover)
54. Skate is Great (Blood Cover)
55. Sclerosis of Jugular Veins

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