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Band Name Raising The Veil
Album Name Yucatanimvs
Type EP
Erscheinungsdatum 21 September 2012
Labels Self-Released
Musik GenreTechnical Death
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1. Raising the Veil 04:33
2. Keepers of Omniscience 02:50
3. The Delegates 03:43
Total playing time 11:06

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Review @ VesselsOfBlood

07 Oktober 2012

Technical Deathcore with Ambience

Technical deathcore is one of the more prominent genres that have reeled in the attention of modern metal fans. Bands such as Rings Of Saturn, Burning The Masses, and Thy Art Is Murder and a few others have pioneered this genre, and overall, it’s become a path most travelled for modern death metal and deathcore acts. Sadly, it’s lately been all about breakdowns and blast beats, and that gets old pretty fast. However, there are a few rising bands nowadays that plan on lifting the genre through new heights. That is where newcomer Raising The Veil comes in. Having formed in 2010 from other bands such as Seeds Of Sorrow and Miasma, this Austrian quintet is here to breathe some life back into the technical deathcore genre. This is shown for the first time in 2012, thanks to their debut EP entitled “Yucatanimvs.” It bolsters only three tracks, but each one packs a visceral punch that listeners soon won’t forget.

In “Yucatanimvs,” the technical deathcore is all here. The singing bears a good range from low growls to wicked high pitch vocals, but it’s nothing special or new compared to the rest of the technical death pack. The guitars are loaded with violent riffs, and they’re sure to grab the listeners’ attention and bang their heads. They switch seamlessly from brutal riffs to punchy melodies, and that gives the music some nice diversity. The drums are supercharged with technicality and rapid-fire blasts, and they are also very well done in this short production. All of this gives the band open arms to technical death metal and deathcore fans from all over the scene, and they definitely will take pleasure in this EP. However, the most important question is this: What truly separates Raising The Veil from the rest of the technical death herd to make them memorable and worth checking out?

The answer to that question would be the music’s occasional sense of ambience and melody. This can be found in the awesomely done clean singing that surfaces every now and then through the course of the album. This singing is raw yet quite bold, and it does not sound forced or wimpy at all, and most importantly, it provides a few occasional hints of ambience for the music that really sets the band apart from the rest. The melodic guitars also add to the ambient aspect of this release. Another large advantage to this is that while the melody does contrast with the brutal and technical death metal and deathcore blistering, it flows really well together. As a result, nothing sounds crammed in, forced, or out of place, and the melodies act as a help instead of a hindrance for “Yucatanimvs.” Raising The Veil really took a risk incorporating the few twists of melody and ambience into their technical metal bludgeoning, but it ended up coming out completely in their favor.

Out of the three tracks that “Yucatanimvs” lays out on the table, the one track that showcases this EP the best is the final song, “The Delegates.” While the other two songs are very well-crafted, this particular track is easily the most versatile and memorable of them all. It best demonstrates the flow between technical and complex brutality and progressive melody, and never at any point does it sound choppy or rushed. It fuses technical death metal, melodic death metal, progressive metal, and deathcore all into one modern death metal masterpiece. “The Delegates” is ultimately the most precious gem that the “Yucatanimvs” EP has to offer its listeners.

Brandishing only three songs, “Yucatanimvs” has proven to the death metal and deathcore masses that Raising The Veil has started off on an incredibly strong foot with loads of potential. While the technical brutality is nothing completely new, what really makes this short album so special is how it includes some melodic touches that really make it shine. Not only does this album appeal to technical death metal and deathcore fans, but it also contains hints of melodic ambience, making the record quite unique in its formula. The contrast between the brutally technical onslaughts and the twists of melodic clean vocals and guitar riffs flows seamlessly, and the end result is a diversely crafted EP that many death metal and deathcore fans do not want to miss out on. Metal fans on the lookout for technical, modern, brutal, and progressive death metal will really want to give “Yucatanimvs” a shot. If they can expand on their interesting formula of inserting the hints of ambience and melody in their death metal attacks by their next release, you can expect them to become big soon enough.

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