Wisconsin Death Trip

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Band Name Static-X
Album Name Wisconsin Death Trip
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 1999
Musik GenreIndustrial Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen209


1. Push It
2. I'm with Stupid
3. Bled for Days
4. Love Dump
5. I Am
6. Otsegolation
7. Stem
8. Sweat of the Bud
9. Fix
10. Wisconsin Death Trip
11. The Trance Is the Motion
12. December

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Review @ Polonium

04 Januar 2011

Born of an Industrial Legend

The industrial metal legend Static-X is a four-piece band from Los Angeles, California in the United States, throughout their journey from 1994 to the present day, they released six full-length albums, in this review I am to focus on their 1999 debut "Wisconsin Death Trip".

This album was released through the media giant Warner Bros. Records on March 23rd, 1999, and it is considered as their most successful release so far, with over three million copies sold worldwide it was certified platinum in 2001. The album was also included in the CMJ's "Loud Rock '99 Top 5", and three video clips were made for the first three tracks in the album (01. Push It, 02. I Am with Stupid, 03. Bled for Days).

Giving a close up examine to the album will explain why it is considered one of the finest industrial releases in the world and will surely explain the whole talk about it. Static-X is one of the most controversial bands when you try to categorize them, and that's because some critics say that their music is no more than loud groovy disco with some simple guitar riffs, other critics, especially after the release of "Cannibal" and "Cult of Static", say that their music is metal from the very first debut and that's why their performance and composing skill improved throughout the years, for in the last two releases you can find some of the most beautiful guitar solos ever known to the industrial metal.

Still as I said before, I am here to talk about the first album, and actually, there's a little that one can say about the techniques in the music, the music is a combination of fast guitar riffs, simple though, with a notable bass guitar, simple drums, with good and sometimes complex programming by Wayne Static. But the successful combination of these musical elements and the good use of each instrument throughout the album along with these simple yet powerful lyrics gave birth to this fine release.

A remarkable change in the whole atmosphere of the album occurs in the last two songs, and that variation of the atmosphere created in the album keeps the album away from being boring, more than that, it is the thing that makes you realize, after listening to the album long enough, how a great piece of art it really is.

The cover art of this release describes, or gives an impression of the world you're about to enter when you first listen to the album, it is good and it is a point that counts for the quality of the album.

Talking about quality, there's no industrial metal if it is of a low sound quality, so the sound quality of this album is superb. In less words, the music is going to Rock Your World.

Final words, if you are into industrial metal, and you consider yourself one of the psychos who understand the beauty of industrial metal, then it is a must to have this album in your collection.

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