Winter of Sin

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Band Name Fester (NOR)
Album Name Winter of Sin
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum Mai 1992
Musik GenreDeath Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen15


Re-Issue in 2012 by Abyss Records.
1. Winter of Sin
2. Sences Are the True You
3. The Ancient Gods Wore Black
4. Entering...
5. Victory !!!
6. Liberation
7. As the Swords Clinch the Air
8. A Dogfight Leaves a Trace
9. The Commitments That Shattered

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Review @ Akhanarit

13 Oktober 2011

A Norwegian classic

The debut album by the Norwegians always went fairly unheeded in the Metal scene, and even by now only some die hard freaks are in knowing of the sheer existence of that band. Afficionados and fans have long since embossomed this album as well as the second release, "Silence". To the clueless folks the album shall be explaind thusly (as follows):

"Winter of Sin" is a quite common Black Death metal release and still differs from the bulk of the contemporaneously released albums of this genre. The disc well contains the tough elemental force of the young Darkthrone or Emperor releases, but it never aims at their speed and frenzy. But instead poaches in more doom like realms. In other ways as well Fester musically are ever a tad closer to the classical Heavy Metal than to typical Black Metal of Norwegian character. Again and again, the songs are reined in and the riffs well through the auditory canal like a stream of lava. On top of that there's the absolutely manic, hoarse caterwauling by lead singer Rolf Tommy Simonsen. The Vocals in my humble opinion depict the only small demerit in the overall concept of this opus, but that should be a matter of taste anyway. As far as I'm concerned, I approve definitly more of the second release in that ways. At any rate Fester never got the standing they should have been entitled to, and as also the follow up album didn't succeed as desired the band broke apart for 17 solid years. A reunion didn't occur until 2010.

Tracks like the oppressive, "The ancient gods wore black", build an excellent backdrop of creepiness before the listeners's mind's eye, and know how to get them where it's one hair short of hurting. In the deepest abysses of their own souls. Songs about suicidal fantasies (Winter of Sin, Entering) can also be found as those turning away from the light, worshipping the dark side (The ancient gods wore black).

Songs by the nature of "Senses are the true you" however blissfully incite to think of your own instead of tagging along mainstream. An album with a wide array of variations, so to say, that doesn't even shy away from moony solos (Liberation) and somehow already hinted which way the band would develop. This album is blasphemous, inexorable and as a first edition hard to get, costing an arm and a leg. Fortunately, there's a reissue (also with the album "Silence") which comes up with a bonus live track. Your own fault if you don't grab one of those, folks!

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