When Legends Become Dust

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Band Name Conducting From The Grave
Album Name When Legends Become Dust
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 17 Februar 2009
Produced by Zack Ohren
Musik GenreDeathcore
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen37


1. The Calming Effect 04:49
2. When Legends Become Dust 05:18
3. A Never Ending Search for Closure 04:09
4. Eternally Gutted 05:55
5. Marching Towards Extinction 05:17
6. Burdens of a Dying World 05:22
7. Improper Burial 04:09
8. The Skies Are Blackened... Not by Clouds but Insects 04:56
9. From Ruins We Rise 06:28
10. Hit the Lights (Armageddons Here) 05:37
Total playing time 52:00

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Conducting From The Grave