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Band Name Delta (USA)
Album Name Voyage
Type EP
Erscheinungsdatum 09 Februar 2013
Labels Self-Released
Musik GenreProgressive Death
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen7


1. Intro / Release 01:38
2. Clairvoyance 02:27
3. Veils 02:53
4. Reflections 02:34
5. Harlot 03:30
6. Reaper 02:51
Total playing time 15:53

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Review @ VesselsOfBlood

27 November 2013

Adventurous Deathcore

Out of a vast sea of cookie-cutter deathcore bands, Delta is an act that manages to take a step away from that herd. This quintet, formerly known as Vimana, assembled in 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. They released their debut EP "Voyage" in early 2013, which would unleash a mountain of potential for this relatively new act.

The musicianship Delta showcases in this album is pretty exceptional. The vocals, for one, sound quite powerful. Although they are rather standard in comparison to traditional deathcore vocals, they are nonetheless well-performed in both their low and high ranges. The EP succeeds in displaying the band's instrumental capability as well. The guitars, though fundamentally composed of complexly brutal 'djent' riffs brought on by plenty of other bands of the progressive deathcore crowd, do show off some intriguing tunes. Examples of this include the highly potent groove at the start of "Veils" and the explosive entrance of "Reaper." The same can be said for the drums, which provide a tight framework for the music while holding some complexity.

One of the things that helps make "Voyage" somewhat identifiable compared to other deathcore releases is the use of synthesizer. The melodies it plays are surprisingly euphoric and rather heavenly, which is actually a big risk. If wrongly placed, the effects would sound very out-of-place and clunky put together with the deathcore-esque heaviness the album brings. Thankfully, this is not the case. Instead, it adds a nice sense of ambiance to contrast the brutality of the rest of the music, and actually makes way for some memorable segments throughout the EP. The usage of synthesizer is a risk that definitely was worth taking for this band.

The mixing of this album, carried out by guitarist Scott Smith and drummer Frankie Harchut, is also praiseworthy. It does tend to make the music a tad stuffy and dense at times, but for the most part, it does emit this very heavy atmosphere that helps in drawing the listener into its violence. The sound is crisp, powerful, and holds plenty of thickness to make the already-intense music even more compelling. Production-wise, "Voyage" is quite successful.

Out of all the record's aspects, however, the songwriting and composition are what really stand out of your run-of-the-mill deathcore release. The songs are structurally interesting, knowing how to suck you in with the gripping moments and bridges. They're very well-paced, and not a moment passes where the audience becomes at all indifferent to what is going on in the music. On top of that, there are a lot of moments that will have you pressing replay, such as the contrast between the ethereal synthesizer and the crunchy breakdown in "Reflections." Although the formula isn't entirely unique overall, it does bring up potential for some very intriguing sounds in the future.

"Voyage" is, all in all, a very well-crafted and enjoyable progressive deathcore piece. If anything, it certainly is a solid start for this group, and anyone looking for something interesting within the deathcore realm should give it a check. If Delta continues to work off of their potential of producing music that balances well between brutality and complexity, then they can expect some smooth sailings on their path.

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Review @ Satanicarchangel

03 Juli 2013

Something interesting this way comes

Delta sure as hell aint you're typical run of the mill Deathcore band, sure they have the usual traits but they also have a soothing sense of ambient melodic undertones as found in the introduction. The ambiance is really what sets this apart from most of the deathcore scene, sure there's plenty of progressive deathcore bands utilising calmer and more soothing sections, but Delta are far more advanced in their utilisation. The introduction creates a very oceanic atmosphere to the music, it's a great starter to this little E.P.

Although I often find myself getting jaded by the progressive core scene, I find a glimmer of hope with bands like these. Delta are able to effortlessly mix the brutality of deathcore with some excellent and ethereal ambient undertones, adding a lot in terms of atmosphere and musical weight. The guitar tone in particular is phenomenal, it's thick and heavy adding so much in terms of heaviness. Although for the most part the guitars seem content to play palm muted riffs, the progressive ambient elements that float over the guitars are fantastic. They're excellently used and suitably melodic, I really like how they're mixed with the standard heavy as nails palm muting. Without them this would be another run of the mill deathcore release yet with a simple change to the formula, Delta have created something really quite special Voyage. The music may not be ground breaking but boy the ambiance is beautiful. If you're familiar with my reviewing habits you should know I'm a sucker for a great atmosphere, Voyage does just that. In a genre that is infamous for being plastic, artificial and sterile, Delta have separated themselves from worn out genre conventions by the simple yet effective use of beautiful ambiance.

Vocally this album is fairly standard stuff, the growls are admittedly well performed yet fairly generic, they do suit the music really well however. The screams on the other hand are slightly grating, they take the approach of bands such as Chelsea Grin in the whole annoyingly high childish shrieking. Although I can appreciate the talent required to get this god damn high, I'm still not entirely fond of how they're presented, maybe because I'm not a huge fan of deathcore screaming but thankfully the screams are only used a handful of times and they're also not mixed that high, getting marginally buried under the music.

Although vocally this album may not astound me all too much, musically I love it. It's suitably heavy and beautifully melodic, I really love the ambient and progressive elements, they're beautiful and add so much in terms of atmosphere. Even the generic deathcore stuff I usually despise so much works well in Voyage, there's breakdowns sure but they're not irritating, they're used tastefully throughout, thankfully not detracting at all from the musics enjoyment.

Whilst I despise most deathcore I find the odd glimmer of hope with bands such as these. Delta mix a suitable amount of heaviness with excellent progressive and ambient sections to create something quite original, interesting and atmospheric. Far removed from most deathcore bands of today, Delta are a band pushing the genre into territories I'm well prepared to go. Get this as soon as possible, utterly fantastic deathcore.

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