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Band Name Rammstein
Album Name Völkerball
Type Live
Erscheinungsdatum 17 November 2006
Musik GenreIndustrial Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen264


1. Intro
2. Reise, Reise
3. Links 2 3 4
4. Keine Lust
5. Feuer Frei !
6. Asche zu Asche
7. Morgenstern
8. Mein Teil
9. Stein um Stein
10. Los
1. Du Riechst So Gut
2. Benzin
3. Du Hast
4. Sehnsucht
5. Amerika
6. Rammstein
7. Sonne
8. Ich Will
9. Ohne Dich
10. Stripped
11. Outro

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Review @ shuncorner

15 Oktober 2014

Pyrotechnics, raw, aggressive energy and sheer brutality are recipes for adrenaline charged shows wh

The obvious reason that I write about Rammstein’s live DVD instead of their CD is that their strength lies in their live shows. The pyrotechnics, raw, aggressive energy and sheer brutality are recipes for adrenaline charged shows where emotions run high. In the studio recorded songs, the sounds are so sterile and the accompanying vocals are so subdued that the ferocity and synergy typical of Rammstein has been suppressed. During the live shows, it is no-holds barred where the guys unleashed their pure demonic power to entrap the audience. If I want to recommend Rammstein’s music, I will show the live shows instead of using the CDs.

Their guitar riffs and the tunes are straightforward and relatively simple, but they have the ability to tunnel into one’s veins, then take control of the mind. Yes, it sounds horrifying, but the possession by their music is actually a enjoyable process. The two guitars deepen the vicious quality of the music and the electronic sounds add a dimension and industrial feel to the overall products. Till may not be a great singer—even the drummer said so—but his voice and presence work absolutely wonderfully with the harsh, gravitating music.

What I like about their live shows are the strong themes, louder grinding guitars, harsher, more evil-sounding background vocals and of course, the awesome pyrotechnics. Microphones on fire, spinning bow with fireworks, face-mounted flamethrowers, columns of fire, flames-emitting garbs and lots of fireworks.

The music is no less attention grabbing. Head banging classics like “Links 2-3-4, Asche zu Asche, Benzin, Du Hast, Sehnsucht” are the highlights of the show. The opera-like chorus filled with an apocalyptic feel in “Sonne” takes a nice break from all the headbanging. There is also a mix of melodic songs, acoustic ones and creepy tunes to take the audience in Nîmes through different emotional rides.

The best part of the DVD is in the live show in Nîmes due to the high production values, great flow and excellent focus. There are many camera angles featured in the Nîmes’ show, from the helicopter view, pan-out view, close-ups to the sneak peeks at the back stage, yet the constant switching between the views seems natural and does not feel choppy at all. The close-ups are done at the exact right moments, at the right places. Since the highlights of the shows are in the pyrotechnics, be assured that the camera catches the best moments of those. Example, when the microphone is on fire, the camera’s focus is definitely right on it. When there are some serious headbanging going on among the audience, the viewer will be treated to sight of those. Want to have a closer look at the band members? Don’t worry, one can get it in this one.

The part in London seems out of focus, with some weird, blurring out shots—the price of trying to be artistic—and not exactly showing the most memorable or outstanding portions of the shows at the right timing. Though the overall quality is still good with crisp, clear visuals and sounds.

The quality of the live video in Tokyo is also on par with the one in London, but it has a better flow and is not as all-over-the-place in terms of general direction. This one has sort of an extra incentive for the ladies, since there are lots of close-up views and focus on the guitarist, Richard Krupse, who happens to be most ladies’ favorite band member.

The most eccentric part of the DVD can be found in the Moscow live where only snippets of one song, Moskau, are shown. This song is not one of the more memorable songs of Rammstein, and it does not help that the video looks grainy and dated, and the sounds have a certain hollow, distanced trait in them. However, there is a nostalgic atmosphere induced from such production, which is befitting that of the old city of Moscow. So I have no idea if the film quality is made to be so old-school on purpose or not.

The last part of Nîmes where the guys just simply bow to audience instead talking about how much they love the fans, is simply touching and shows their quiet appreciation of the audience. When the show ended, the fans cried.

It is great that a CD of the live show is included for one’s listening pleasure.

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