Uterovaginal Insertion of Extirpated Anomalies

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Band Name Cephalotripsy
Album Name Uterovaginal Insertion of Extirpated Anomalies
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 01 Januar 2007
Musik GenreBrutal Death
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen43


 Excavation of Encystation
 Intracranial Butchery
 Consummating Omophagia
 Aesthetic Upholstery of Molested Dead Flesh
 Uterovaginal Insertion of Extirpated Anomalies
 Sanguinary Misogynistic Execration
 Metamorphic Congenital Malformation
 Embryonic Gastronomy
 Incisions of Unequivocal Suffering
 Aesthetic Upholstery of Molested Dead Flesh (Demo)
 Embryonic Gastronomy (Demo)
 Sanguinary Misogynistic Execration (Demo)
 Inoculated Prosthesis (Promo Track)
 Postpartum Consumption (Promo Track)

Total playing time: 55:09

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Review @ CLucker666

15 Dezember 2011

Slam Death!

Cephalotripsy is a fairly known band in the slam death scene and I am not surprised. I have been listening to Brutal/Slam Death for about a year now, ever since I saw Devourment live. Most of this genre to me is a bunch of heavy riffs, a lot of Slam downs, and some blast beats. Cephalotripsy is like most others, except they catch my attention a lot more for some reason.

I'd like to start off describing the vocals. From what I have heard, they are inhaled squeals, and gutturals. Now I am not usually a fan of inhaled vocals, because I am a vocalist myself, and I NEVER inhale. Although, I guess for the genre it works quite well. They have kind of a high and low pitch sound at the same time. It is not your average guttural and I like it a whole lot, definitely one of my favorite parts of this album.

The guitars are mostly heavy riffs into a Slam down(slam death breakdown). Not the most creative guitars I have ever heard, but it definitely gets me into the music. Along with drums, bass, and vocals, the guitars are perfect. There is some distortion like most slam death guitarists and it gives you that good Brutal Death feel.

The drummer in Cephalotripsy, in my opinion, is great. His blast beats are very nice and his double bass is extremely heavy and noticeable. I love when the double bass is as noticeable as his. The drums go along great with the guitar as I mentioned above. There are some average sounding fills in most of the songs but that does not really interest me nearly as much as his blast beats and double bass. His blasts aren't the fastest I have heard by any means, he just has a really nice sounding snare that sticks out a lot. The cymbals sound great along with the rest of his kit.

I really got into this album quick and I think I will have to check out the rest of Cephalotripsy's discography. For a slam death release, this is definitely a stand out for me. The quality is great and that is another big factor when I am listening to Brutal Death. Overall I think this album deserves a 18/20.

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Barb|Wire|Catheter - 08 August 2012: Dude, I've been listening to this album all day and I completely agree with you on everything you've said. The drummer is by far my favorite part of the band - I love that snare of his.
Crinn - 08 August 2012: This is probably one of the most essential underground brutal death albums.
SeasonsMist - 19 Februar 2013: I don't understand why slam death artists inhale so much to produce low sounds. You can easily gurgle by placing the tongue on the roof of the mouth for a guttural squealing effect and exhaling random noises
CLucker666 - 21 Februar 2013: a lot of them dont.. pretty sure this guy doesnt and i agree^ thats how i do bdm vocals
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