Under the Wings of the Aquila

Liste der Bands Folk Death Downcast Twilight Under the Wings of the Aquila
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Band Name Downcast Twilight
Album Name Under the Wings of the Aquila
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum November 2016
Musik GenreFolk Death
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen2


1. Rex Nemorensis 04:38
2. Soldier of Pompeii 03:15
3. The Witches of Anglesey 03:03
4. The Tyrant and the Sage 05:24
5. The Ides of March 03:19
6. Death in Alexandria 04:03
7. Orgiastic Lupercalia 03:43
8. The Ironclad Legion 03:16
9. Horrors of the Hercynian Forest 03:55
10. The Red Queen 05:51
Total playing time 40:27

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Downcast Twilight