Trova di Danú

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Band Name Tuatha De Danann
Album Name Trova di Danú
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum August 2004
Musik GenreFolk Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen54


1. Bella Natura
2. Lover of the Queen
3. Land of Youth (Tir Nan Og)
4. The Danann's Voice
5. The Land's Revenge
6. Spellboundance
7. Believe, It's True!
8. The Arrival
9. Oghma's Rheel
10. Trova di Danú
11. The Wheel

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Review @ Satanicarchangel

19 November 2013

Celtic Gospel Metal!

I think most of us should have a good idea of what a gospel church is like. A horde of overly excited people dancing and singing in an ecstatic manner, giving off an aurora of pure ecstasy that hangs over the church like a blanket of smog. It’s a location where every dark aspect of the world is brushed aside, where the real world is forgotten about. Where people can choose to believe that the dark side of the world never existed. It’s a place where every week, hordes of worshipers flock to it like moths to a flame to bask in the radiant glory of their god. Now, capture that image and splice the over the top atmosphere with a metal album. Sounds repugnant don’t it. In fact, it’s even more sickening than I previously had anticipated. Now, I’m not adverse to folk metal, rather I’m simply adverse to a completely euphoric take to the style that robs it of any heavy metal identity. There needs to be a line drawn where happy sounding folk metal degenerates into an ecstatic mesh of ideas that doesn’t go anywhere. Trova di Danú sounds like the collective work of musicians tripping on ecstasy.

It seems a bit of a stretch to call Trova di Danú a metal album. There’s no power behind the compositions. None of the songs hit hard with an intense metallic crash, there’s no anger of malice. It’s the perfect embodiment of a drunken folk festival, all peace and love, no hatred, no anger, nothing even coming close to touching the traditional metal ethos. This is the fundamental flaw with Trova di Danú. The way in which the album is presented renders the music pitifully weak and ineffective. Lacking anything that makes metal such an effective genre, Trova di Danú is an exercise in pathetically weak and uninspired music designed to convince the world that these musicians are the happiest people on the god damn earth. The whole music is so absurd and ridiculous it functions on a similar wavelength to cheesy 80’s synth pop bands rather than anything remotely metal related.

Nothing on Trova di Danú carries enough wait for me. The music is overly melodious to a fault. Melody is often a hard thing to get right in the metal world, usually the right amount needs to be injected in careful doses to allow the music to be effective. Now, if you use too much of it, it can garner mixed results. On rare occasions high levels of melody can be very effective, with bands such as Children of Bodom and Wintersun creating very melodic music that is extremely enjoyable to listen to. Tuatha de Dannan on the other hand clearly don’t know how to balance melody with metal. The metal elements are flat and uninspired leaving the folk elements to steal the show. This wouldn’t be too much of a problem if the folk elements were actually good. Unfortunately for Tuatha de Dannan the folk elements are grating and hard to digest. The main instrument seems to be a whistle which actually starts off on a good note. Bella Natura has a really cool melody played by the whistle; it’s got a fantastic Celtic vibe to it and sets the album up quite well. Unfortunately after this decent introduction the rest of the music begins to wear thin and quickly run way past its expiration date. The folk melodies aren't written well enough to be the forefront of the music. Also, the metal elements are largely forgettable and ineffective creating a very weak musical front for Trova di Danú.

If a band wants to succeed within the folk metal world then a perfect equilibrium (no pun intended) between the folk and metal elements needs to be immaculately aligned. An unequal balancing of these two elements can result in a very sloppy and disjointed mess of ideas. Tuatha de Dannan has all the intention of being a folk band but without the intention of being a metal one. The metal elements seem to have been added as an afterthought. The compositions don’t appear to be designed for metal. They feel awkward and disjointed when placed over the folk elements. Not at all working in perfect harmony, not striking the perfect balance to be successful in the genre. Not enough thought has been put into the structure of the music; the songs tend to meander about a lot. Often running through numerous ideas throughout the course of a song but not one of them hitting home.

Trova di Danú is far too sloppy and awkward for my liking. There’s way too much folk elements for me and it completely annihilates the entire music. The metal elements haven’t been written well enough, they’re too weak, too lifeless. Not carrying a sense of passion or emotion within them. All thought seems to have been given to the folk elements, whilst everything seems to be added as an afterthought when the music didn't seem interesting enough. Instead they've actually made it more boring than what could have been achieved with a pure folk sound. It’s not interesting, it’s not exciting it’s really quite shit. Avoid.

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