Threads of Life

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Band Name Shadows Fall
Album Name Threads of Life
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 03 April 2007
Musik GenreMetalcore
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen117


1. Redemption
2. Burning the Live
3. Stormwinds
4. Failure of the Devout
5. Venomous
6. Another Hero Lost
7. Final Call
8. Dread Uprising
9. The Great Collapse
10. Just Another Nightmare
11. Forevermore
Bonustrack (FYE Edition)
12. Stupid Crazy
Bonustracks (Best Buy Edition)
12. Fade Into Smoke
13. Dread Uprising (Live)
Bonustracks (iTunes Edition)
12. Redemption (Live)
13. Venomous (Live)

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Review @ Vinrock666

10 Juli 2008
Shadows Fall's 2007 release, "Threads of Life" is a ripping display of metal as it should be ! With plenty of hard edged riffs, awesome drumming, and a vocal dichotomy that commands and demands.

Brian Fair is another of a growing number of frontmen in metal today that masters two styles of singing and here, within these threads, he does an amazing job of picking and choosing when to use the clean voice and when to shred it up with his raging alter chords.

The "slow" song of the album, "Another Hero Lost", features this direction beautifully with the softer voice leading off the first verse before getting harder later. Of course, this duality is better served during the harder, faster songs when the clean voice comes out of nowhere, sometimes as a background line or a second chorus.
What makes "Threads of Life" just as special musically is the blending of a number of metal styles to form the Shadows Fall sound : It's thrashy, but not thrash - fast, but not speed, and so on and so forth.
One of the coolest songs on the record, "Just Another Nightmare", rocks hard mostly because is was predicated by "The Great Collapse" (an intro piece carried out fully by accoustic guitar). Again, this is the kind of example that makes their sound and makes it work.

Jason Bittner is a great leader on the skins, too ;
As everything seems to be executed directly from his orders, whether soft or hard or fast or slow. Plus he's one of the best out there at pounding out beats with plenty of cymbal fills ; He's an exciting drummer to lock your ears to. The guitars here shrieks and bleeds, and the solos hearken back to the days when the heroes of metal wielded the six stringer like a weapon.

"Threads of Life" feels like the cure to any metal problem out there… strong, very stong.

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