The Way to Paganism

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Band Name Darkestrah
Album Name The Way to Paganism
Type EP
Erscheinungsdatum 14 April 2005
Musik GenreEpic Black
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen9


Limited to 300 copies.
1. Black Cathedral 05:16
2. Human Hopes 04:39
3. Marching of the Hordes (Pagan Cover) 06:24
Total playing time 16:19

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Review @ Vadim

15 Juli 2007
When I picked up this album I knew from Darkestrah's earlier and later works that it was going to be a fantastic album. I was 150% right too. The feel this album gives off is exillerating and just It is the most atmospheric CD I've ever listened to. Well, as you can expect, the production was shit, but that is the best feature of this entire EP. Let's begin with Black Cathedral. It could easily be the blackest song I've ever heard. It's symphonic, and it has the best guitar work that I've ever heard on such a EP. The drums are the most intriguing thing I've ever listened to. They sound kind of programmed and then sound natural at the same time. It's very confusing sometimes when they go into the drum and guitar solo's becuase it sounds so mixed. That is the only reason I took the 2% off. It's a thing they could've improved a little.

Human Hopes is next and I must say, wow. They couldn't have done it any better. It's the blackest, rawest, piece of work of I've heard. Yet it is still kind of a jumpy song. It's a little catchy too. Black Metal was never meant to be a catchy genre, but Darkestrah pull it off and still leave some for other songs. They re-did all of the songs on this album later in their full length "Embrace of Memory". a decent work of art, but it's not as natural and raw sounding as this demo of an EP. I would've preferred them making this a demo instead of a EP just because it was testing their new sound. Their earlier demo's sounded like crap, and it was put together horribly. This is where they should've stopped, and thought of better ways to improve it.

The last song is Marching of the Hordes, and what a song it is. It starts off with some nature and howling(I think) and such, and then goes into a beautiful sounding intro. The vocals are perfect just like Black Cathedral and Human Hopes. It is one of the more lively sounding songs. This EP was a very good one. It tested what they were to do in their upcoming full length's and albums. Epos and Embrace have a different feel but I think it turned out for the best. I mean this is a masterpiece. It's like Stormblast of Dimmu Borgir or Immortal's True Kings of Norway split. When they said this album had alot of Shamanistic feel to it, they weren't lying. I recommend anything by Darkestrah, but mostly this heavenly EP.

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