The Pleasure in Suffering

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Band Name Putrid Pile
Album Name The Pleasure in Suffering
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 30 November 2005
Musik GenreBrutal Death
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen35


Re-Issue in 2011 by Sevared Records with 15 bonustracks.
1. My Inner Demon
2. S.T.F.C.
3. Rush - Hour Killing Spree
4. Putrid Pile (of Rotting Corpses)
5. Baby Brains
6. Gorging on Labia
7. Rip Her to Shreds
8. Battered Bitch
9. Bind, Torture, Kill
10. Caged and Awaiting Death
11. Circlepit Commando
12. Food for the Maggots
Bonustracks (Re-Issue)
13. Drenched in Gasoline (Demo Version)
14. Remnants of Insanity (Demo Version)
15. Bleed for Me (Demo Version)
16. Merciless Homicide (Demo Version)
17. Held Captive for Torture (Demo Version)
18. Food for the Maggots (Live from Obscene Extreme Festival Czech Republic 2008)
19. Drenched in Gasoline (Live from Deathfeast Open Air Hunxe, Germany 2007)
20. Circlepit Commando (Live from Deathfeast Open Air Hunxe, Germany 2007)
21. Shit Bodypainting (Live from Deathfeast Open Air Hunxe, Germany 2007)
22. Bodies on Display (Live from Tokyo Death Fest Tokyo, Japan 2006)
23. My Inner Demon (Live from Toronto, Canada 2005)
24. Bleed for Me (Live from Toronto, Canada 2005)
25. Putrid Pile (of Rotting Corpses) (Live from Bandung, Indonesia 2010)
26. Collection of Butchery (Live from Maryland Death Fest 2003)
27. Gallery of Horrors (Live from Wermelskirchen, Germany 2004)