The Gory Side of Life

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Band Name Bitch Infection
Album Name The Gory Side of Life
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 2003
Musik GenrePorno Gore Grind
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen3


1. Swallow Cum
2. Porn Delusion
3. Bitch Killer Syndrome
4. Oral Request V
5. Toilet Tart Nurse
6. The Gory Side of Life
7. Hot Hard & Fast
8. Oral Request VI
9. First Steps to Ecstasy
10. Cocksucking Hardcore Nymphs
11. Pussy Mailorder
12. Oral Request VII
13. School of Torture
14. Freaky Virgin
15. You Want More?!
16. Oral Request VIII
17. Pussy Showdown
18. Cock Massage
19. Anal Gangbang
20. Oral Request IX
21. Medicinal Sex
22. X-tra Cunt
23. Inconceivable Fantasies
24. Oral Request X
25. Sperm Speech
26. Deep Insight
27. The Daeker Image
28. Oral Request XI
29. Service Girls
30. Hot Load
31. My Way with Utopie

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