The Good, the Bad and Van Halen

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Band Name Van Halen
Album Name The Good, the Bad and Van Halen
Type Bootleg
Erscheinungsdatum 23 Juni 1980
Labels RR Records
Musik GenreHard Rock
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Recorded live at the Rainbow Ballroom, London, England, 23/06/1980
1. Romeo Delight
2. Bottoms Up !
3. Runnin with the Devil
4. Loss of Control
5. Take Your Whiskey Home
6. Dance the Night Away
7. Women in Love
8. Jamie's Crying'
9. Take a Break
10. Big City Blues
11. Everybody Wants Some
12. And the Cradle Will Rock
13. Light Up the Sky
14. Eruption
15. Ain't Talkin' Bout Love
16. Ice Cream Man
17. You Really Got Me

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