The Dethalbum

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Band Name Dethklok
Album Name The Dethalbum
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 25 September 2007
Produced by Ulrich Wild
Musik GenreMelodic Death
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen163


1. Murmaider 03:24
2. Go into the Water 04:20
3. Awaken 03:37
4. Bloodrocuted 02:19
5. Go Forth and Die 04:22
6. Fansong 02:53
7. Better Metal Snake 03:27
8. The Lost Vikings 04:26
9. Thunderhorse 02:46
10. Briefcase Full of Guts 02:44
11. Birthday Dethday 02:49
12. Hatredcopter 02:56
13. Castratikron 02:57
14. Face Fisted 04:17
15. Dethharmonic 04:31
Total playing time 51:48
16. Deththeme (Metalocalypse Theme Song) 00:34
Bonustracks (Vinyl Edition)
16. Deththeme (Metalocalypse Theme Song) 00:34
17. Go in the Water (Gulf Danzig Remix) 04:20
Bonustracks (iTunes)
16. Deththeme (Metalocalypse Theme Song) 00:34
17. Blood Ocean 02:49
18. Murdertrain a Comin' 03:33
19. Hatredy 04:17
20. Bloodrocuted 02:20
Total playing time 52:22
DISC 2 - Deluxe Edition (Alternate Cover)
1. Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle 01:15
2. Blood Ocean 02:50
3. Murdertrain a Comin' 03:33
4. Pickles Intro 00:34
5. Kill You 03:41
6. Hatredy 04:17
7. Dethklok Gets in Tune 03:27
Total playing time 19:37

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Review @ Vinrock666

08 Juli 2008
For those who have already watched the Adult Swim series "Metalocalypse" it will come as no surprise that the all-time greatest Swedish death metal band never to exist have put out a remarkable album in "Dethklok - The Dethalbum".

Brendon Small, the show's creator, reveals another one of his talents by playing all of the guitar - bass and keyboards, here. The stamp of brutal metal approval, though, comes from the awesome contribution of Gene Hoglan (Death, Strapping Young Lad, etc…) on the skins.
Small, who up to this point is best known for his edgy comedic angles, does a respectful job of creating high quality and well made metal to compliment the satirical points of the show.

Songs like "Go Forth and Die" (death after college), "Birthday Dethday" (one step closer to death), and "Fansong" (fans are like ATMs…) make you laugh as well as rock out. How this apparent paradox works isn't known, but for this creation, small should be considered somewhat of a mad genius for it and thus welcomed into the metal community. Another impression of Small's ability is revealed in the songwriting as well. None of the tracks are overtly complex ; In fact, some of the songs like "Awaken", "Go Into The Water" and "Thunderhorse" are amazingly simple. The magic is spewed forth by making the absolute most of your classic metal riffs and fills. Whether this is because of Small's limited playing ability or an artistic choice to support parody remains to be unanswered.

The result : however, is awesome and impressive. The best song on the track, "Dethharmonic" is so because of the closeness to the black metal style. It's complete with the synthesized intro and a cello added for a more doomlike flavor. So YEAH, Dethklok doesn't exist, but after hearing this well concieved album even just once, not only do you wish they were, but it makes you wish deth upon other actual bands that say they're metal but aren't nearly as brutal.

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CLucker666 - 19 Dezember 2011: dethklok does exist, my friend has seen them live haha
Vinrock666 - 16 Januar 2017: Amazing how many people have misconstrued the live act with the cartoon characters I was talking about...
Still, I've seen the "band" twice myself so I will take this one back and officially acknowledge that Dethklok DOES Exist!
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