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Band Name Programmed Cell Death
Album Name Submission
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 2006
Labels Hi Arc Tow
Musik GenreIndustrial Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen0


1. Industrial Dawn
2. The Ruins
3. Submission
4. Castration
5. The Workers March

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Programmed Cell Death

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Review @ final_alert

30 Juli 2008
Programmed Cell Death are an industrial band, based out of California (USA) that began recording music in 2006. Submission is their debut release.

On this 5 track release, their are two key contrasting styles. First, there is a haunting atmospheric Element, that keeps listeners intrigues and secondly, the metalic industrial Element that attacks the ears and keeps us wanting more. The two juxtaposing forces work extremely well together, making for a complex yet easy to listen to release. The Ruins (Track 2) is the song that is best able to combine these two forces, while The Workers Song (Track 5) is a much heavier, less industro based track.

The key Negative of this release, is that it is the length of a typical demo or EP, without actually explicitly being recognised as one. The 5 tracks last a total of 21:06, which Means that for those beginning to enjoy the material only have a short lived experience with it. That said, a lot is crammed into the 21 minutes, with several heavy beats and chilling atmospheric refrains ensuring no complexity is lost.

Another potential Negative (although a positive in the eyes of others) is the quirky nature of the material. The aspects mentioned earlier are such that, for a listener to truly enjoy Submission, they must enjoy Atmospheric and Industrial muic.

Overall, this is a great release (7/10), and one that should be obtained if possible. Finding a physical release is going to be difficult (only limited copies were pressed), but thankfully, Hi.Arc.Tow have made the album available to download for free (under Creative Commons Licensing) from their website .

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