Stop the Chaos

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Band Name Antigama
Album Name Stop the Chaos
Type EP
Erscheinungsdatum 18 Mai 2012
Recorded at Progresja Studio
Musik GenreDeath Grind
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen4


 E Conspectu
 The Law
 Stop the Chaos
 Find the Fonction
 Intricate Trap
 The End

Total playing time: 15:12

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Review @ GandhiEgo

27 Juni 2012

Latest (last?) effort from Antigama!(?)

Antigama, a Warsaw based band, is not exactly a newcomer in the field of Grindcore. After a 3 years hiatus since the release of Warning, their latest album also with Selfmadegod Records, the band comes back with this new EP entitled “Stop the Chaos”.

What an odd name for them to chose. If you've followed the career of these Poles, you ought to know by now that rather than stopping the chaos they thrived on it. Mixing many Noise rock elements with their Grindcore, the band, through both music and imagery, was never really conventional. The few tracks found on this EP still aren’t, so maybe they’re just trying to achieve less chaos with… well… a lot more chaos. You know the drill: fight fire with fire.

At one point in their career, their subtle use of industrial elements in the production and their avant-garde take on Grindcore made me think of a more metalized version of The Locust. With “Stop the Chaos” they’ve kind of stripped down their sound to more organic elements resulting in something that has far more Death Metal elements. They let go of the avant-garde stuff to strengthen their efficiency. The first riff on the opening track ‘E Conspectu' is clearly Death Metal and you have to wait a short while to listen again to those noisy accents. This tendency, which may be explained by the presence in the lineup of Lost Soul’s drummer, can be observed on the remainder of the EP making their sound now closer to acts like Fuck The Facts.

Their music has gained in power and catchiness what it lost in mindfuck madness and a fuck-it-all-up attitude. Fans will judge which side of Antigama they like more. I can only say that gaining somehow this more organic sound, their music sounds smoother than it ever was.

Peaking only at 15 minutes, there's not really much to write especially since the ending track soberly entitled 'The End' is some kind of electro/trip hop outro. Which makes me think again about the name of the EP: "Stop the Chaos" and now "The End". I wouldn't want to read between lines what's not there, but this "End" does sound like Antigama's swan song. Did they just release this to say goodbye or should we expect an entirely new Antigama in the future? Only time will tell.

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