Sounds of Pain

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Band Name Uaral
Album Name Sounds of Pain
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum Januar 2005
Musik GenreDoom Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen21


1. Lost 03:31
2. Surrendered to the Decadence 06:33
3. Eternal Beauty of the Trees 06:00
4. Sounds of Pain... 19:27
5. Niche 09:29
6. Depresión 05:43
7. La Vaga Esperanza de Ser 05:28
8. Uaral 04:48
9. Surrendered to the Decadence (Demo Version) 05:26
Total playing time 1:06:3

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Kommentar @ Broken

27 Juli 2009
 Beauty of Sadness

First of all I wanna mention that, I’m surprised cause Uaral released this album 4 years ago and there is no review yet.

Well, if someone asks me to describe “Sounds of Pain” with two words (and Uaral’s music in general) it would defiantly be “Beauty of Sadness”. When I first listened to Uaral I was shocked: whata depressive and whata sweet. The harmony of acoustic and electro instruments, gives music a special aroma. Mainly tracks start with acoustic guitar and piano solos, then growl and clean vocals take their part. All these is prelude. The final of songs are very impressive and gives listener high mood. There are eight tracks in the album and four of them are instrumentals: lost, Surrendered To The Decadence, La Vaga Esperanza De Ser, Uaral. To my mind, these large amount of instrumentals means that, Uaral’s music 101% is focused on the pure harmony and not on the commerce. Each song can be considered as a soundtrack of depression, but it isn’t nescassary to be in depression to enjoy a album.
Finally, this review seems to be very short, but trust me, it’s better to listen to Uaral, then to read  about Uaral.

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