Someday Came Suddenly

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Band Name Attack Attack (USA)
Album Name Someday Came Suddenly
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 11 November 2008
Produced by Joey Sturgis
Musik GenreMetalcore
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen74


1. Hot Grills and High Tops 00:42
2. Stick Stickly 03:31
3. Bro, Ashley's Here 03:18
4. Shred, White, and Blue 02:35
5. Party Foul 02:36
6. What Happens If I Can't Check My Myspace When We Get There 02:36
7. Interlude 02:07
8. The People's Elbow 02:37
9. Kickin' Wing, Animal Doctor 02:28
10. Dr. Shavargo Pt. 3 03:42
11. Catfish Soup 02:58
12. Outro 01:24
Total playing time 30:24

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Kommentar @ ApoctheCorrupt

28 Februar 2010
Dear Lord, why?

Metalcore/mallcore at it's absolute worst. This sextet from the US coming screaming out of the woodworks with this dreadful album. They spawned the genre known as "crabcore" which is just electronica with metalcore elements and the occassional yet random deathcore/metalcore breakdowns. Any metalcore fanboy would cream their shorts with one listen whilst most normal people would rather sew their ears shut.

The name crabcore also comes from their stances which looks like they just pissed in their jeans and the constant headbanging. The lyrics are undeniably christian and it is blatantly obvious that they are indeed a christcore band even though the band protests at the mention of christianity, when all of their songs include christian themed lyrics such as

"He died for what He loved, and what He loved was you."

"Lord pick me off the ground."

"My shame you took those nails in you hands."

As well as pointless and meaningless lyrics such as.

"Ill rip out your heart and your eyes until,
you see the love I have inside,
for you, carry on this way, till you will go
and see the truth."

"Come on girl, I've been waiting for you to make your move
Come on girl, I've been waiting for you to make your move"

Their music is messy and badly composed without any form of creativity or forethought. It is obvious that these six posers have no sense of creativity or talent whatsoever. Their tracks are repetitive, boring and completely and utterly shit with names like "Stick Stickly"; "Bro, Ashley's Here"; "Catfish Soup"; etc. I would never recommend this album to anybody I know but I will recommend this to the people I despise.

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IsaacBPS - 14 November 2010: Okay, whoever gave this a low rating needs to go screw himself. Crabcore has to be the best metalcore genre EVER
CLucker666 - 19 Dezember 2011: haha nice review!!
desolate23 - 10 November 2013: Only thing is that literally NONE of the actual members were Christian. Neither was Austin Charlie or the countless other members they've ever had. Not Christcore just really terrible Metalcore.
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Kommentar @ neeyick

20 Februar 2011


Oh dear! what a disruption to the spirit of metal!
the only reason this can even be called metal is because millions of scene girls found it in hot topic. putting the fore said sentances aside, i will now talk about this crap album.

to put it simplistically. it is terrible.
going into details now, you can see this is corporate gain just by looking at the album cover. a picture of a window.... how many times have you seen that on another metal cover, and the band logo is in pink and purple. an obvious sign of a giant company trying to get gullible teenage girls to conform.

second thing i hate is the music itself. there are so many breakdowns in a song you can hardly call it a song. the guitar riffs are monotone and boring to the extreme. a person with almost no guitar knowledge can do a cover of just about all these songs. the lyrics talk about girls and relationships and love and stuff that any other metal band would never ever talk about. sounds a little like teen pop doesnt it? that is probably cuz its just that. cept they add a guitar player and a drummer.

the third thing i hate about this band and probably what i hate most about it is that they call themselves metal and people call it metal. it sickens me when people just so much as mention this band, because i know that many an idiot fell for this hollywood poser garbage. they call their music crabcore but apparantly they cant even spell crapcore. this band is a disgrace to metal and should be taken off this site.

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