Smoke and Mirrors

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Band Name Sleeping Romance
Album Name Smoke and Mirrors
Type Single
Erscheinungsdatum 26 August 2022
Labels NoCut
Musik GenreAlternative Metal
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 Smoke and Mirrors
 Bridge of Minds
 Call My Name

Total playing time: 12:20

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Sleeping Romance

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Kommentar @ NathanThal

15 Oktober 2022

An explosive revelation!

It's been a while since we heard about Sleeping Romance. After their separation from former singer Federica (which went on to create Volturian with Federico Mondelli (Frozen Crown), the quintet seemed to lay low in order to reassemble forces. The two first albums were good. Just good. Catchy melodies, inspired writing, very nice classical music references for those who take the time to catch them. But the band lacked this little "something" to really stand out, in this crowded symphonic metal scene we all know.

After the release of their first single Call My Name, I witnessed the new addition of their new vocalist Lina Victoria. And what a powerful come back! Where before, Federica's otherwise adorable voice seemed to lack presence and stamina, Lina's voice effortlessly stands out in the heavy, powerful mix. This also left me wondering why I never heard of her before.
With Smoke and Mirrors, the band's newest single release, we have an explosion of riffs and a headbanger that will last for years. It seems that Sleeping Romance no longer wants to be associated with Symphonic Metal, but is rather entering the metalcore/djent scene with this one. The production also was taken a notch up, compared to the previous two albums. The guitars stand out better than before, and the overall balance leaves nothing behind. More bass is also to notice, and very appreciated from the bass player I am. The heavy intro with the 8 string-guitar directly puts us in the aggressive mood the band intended, in a very efficient way.
Shortly after, we have another display of Lina's extremely versatile voice: while we now know the punch she's capable of giving, we first hear a very delicate verse, almost child-like. When we least expect it, it explodes again in a profusion of belted notes and riffs, and here comes the chill-inducing chorus. Of all the songs I've heard from this band, this chorus might be my favourite. But the cherry on top, the big surprise I never would have expected, was the arabic part that comes as a psalmody and brings an unprecedented atmosphere. That's where we also get to hear the string quartet that might be the only thing reminding us of the previous Sleeping Romance we knew.
Really, Sleeping Romance, you've outdone yourself here. As the skilled songwriter he is, Federico Truzzi seems to have found in Lina the perfect voice for his creativity, as it enabled him to come up with this masterpiece.

The lyrics of Smoke and Mirrors, just like Bridge of Minds and Call My Name, have taken a huge step up. Smoke and Mirrors tells the story of the hidden sides of every dream that seems too good to be true, through a poetic set of words and rhymes.
While this album is full of surprises, I already can't wait to see what other sides of Lina's voice haven't been unveiled yet, as I'm sure we're witnessing the big break of a new iconic band, singer and musicians.

Sleeping Romance have stated that their new album will be for fans of: Leprous, Evanescence, Katatonia, Bring Me The Horizon, Spiritbox.
"We All Are Shadows" new album out on October 7th, 2022.

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