Show Me How to Live

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Band Name Royal Hunt
Album Name Show Me How to Live
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 29 November 2011
Musik GenreProgressive Power
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen27


1. One More Day 06:12
2. Another Man Down 05:13
3. An Empty Shell 04:32
4. Half Past Loneliness 05:12
5. Hard Rain's Coming 05:36
6. Show Me How to Live 10:03
7. Angel's Gone 05:12
Total playing time 41:20

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Royal Hunt

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Review @ zhay777

03 März 2012

Showing how to live

I must confess that I haven't heard about this band before October of this year. My friend told me that they are really great in this genre and in all of metal as well. However, I don't like progressive metal very much, but I gave them a chance. I listened to their 1995 album, 'Moving Target', and I liked it, so I started to wait for this album to be released. When it was released, I gave them a listen. This time they impressed me more.

To compare this album with 'Moving Target', there are many influences from power metal. They saved the originality of the keyboard parts for about 16 years. You can hear many groove, but melodic riffs here. As a rule of this genre, guitars sound mainly on the first and second string, and riffs are cut and fast. The song 'Another Man Down' starts as a little ballad as you can hear acoustics and female vocals. Solos are on the fifth and sixth string and are very, very fast. The bass sounds along with guitars as Andreas plays the same melody as the main theme and, unfortunately, there are no bass solos.

The drumming style is influenced by '80s metal. You can hear double bass and great drum fills that are mainly made with snare and toms which aren't by sequence. The drums, along with the guitars in second half of the song 'Show Me How To Live', remind me of the legendary Queen song 'The Show Must Go On'. I don't know why they used this theme in their song, but I think that in the Queen version, this part is only at the beginning and you can't hear it in the middle or end of the song. In the Royal Hunt version, everything is built on this melody, and I think they gave a second life to this part. If Freddie Mercury was aLive, he would be glad to hear this.

The vocals here aren't groove at all. D.C. Cooper has a little friendly voice, singing in first and sometimes second scale. Keyboards play in the second and third scale, making very melodic sounds and without them, this album wouldn't be as great as it is now.

To conclude: they have released a really good album. If you are fan of this genre, check it out, but if you are not, check it out anyway, you will like it!

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