Serpent Smiles and Killer Eyes

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Band Name Hatesphere
Album Name Serpent Smiles and Killer Eyes
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 30 April 2007
Labels SPV
Produced by Tommy Hansen
Musik GenreThrash Death
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen64


1. Lies and Deceit
2. The Slain
3. Damned Below Judas
4. Drinking with the King of the Dead
5. Forever War
6. Feeding the Demons
7. Floating
8. Let Them Hate
9. Absolution

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Review @ Julien

13 April 2007
Finally not enough time ago between both albums but that's good to find already Danish of Hatesphere in so good shape. No fuss, we stayed in what the group knows how to make of better, although the aficionado will note some small evolutions.
It's simple, this" Snake Smiles And Killer Eyes" is 40 minutes of pure happiness, 40 minutes of pure Hatesphere.
If you had " The Sickness Within", you will find all the ingredients which had you (or not) seduced. Riffs breakers of napes of the neck as well Thrash as métalcore, one impression of blackness which fills every note, a perfectly mastered singing and a prod ' of Tue Madsen always so impeccable.
Little following the example of the new Dark Tranquillity, we are entitled to think that the group made big efforts during the composition of " Snake Smiles And Killer Eyes" to create of the new without disorientating the public.
We feel all the time that's of hard line Hatesphere, but we cannot refrain from being to impress by the multitude of excellent riffs that we find in every track.
Here is that's right, in fact it's Hatesphere but not more searched...
Compos thus makes richer and more varied, we find numerous variations of tempo and even variations of rather considerable atmospheres. The most striking example is this title which begins a little as stoner with one locusts and campfire and which is only rising in power during the completeness of the title, the singing arriving only at the end of a minut and thirty
Soloes are less numerous but their quality and especially their perfect incorporation in titles them or they are present say length about it on the process of maturation of this album. Pepe pleases and that gets. On the other hand we find less title heavy with big tunes easy tends has to assimilate. A small title to " Heaven is ready to fall " made always indeed pleasure well, seen the quality of the disk Domme we are going to touch
As for Jacob's performance is the as usual colossal. His singing is varied always also being able past of rough extreme reactionary in most métalcore or downright in the heavy singing within one second. But as one of goes not without the other one, the really more pointed singing is not any more too much current events, rightly or wrongly has you to choose …
Here is the big slaughter and another excellent album that is going to go out in April. If you do not know the group it's high time to discover it. All on one's own the group arrived has to build up to itself a reputation of monster on stage. It is not this " Snake Smiles And Killer Eyes " who is going to come to tarnish the panorama, on the contrary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Translated by Trashykiss

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